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Subscribe to this thread Rock you like a hurricane created by Nito on May 3, 2013

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Nito5/3/13 6:41pm
Here I am! Finally mustering up the nerve to introduce myself, today I'm being called Nito. If you can guess where I got the name from (Before you google it I mean :P) you get a cookie and my symbol of awesome...and a trip to Disney World. All silliness aside I hope to learn a lot from you guys and ask that you assist me in my quest to improve my own writing abilities and to help me determine how to create a truly "likeable" character not only for DreamKeppers but for other things I may write up. Anyway my pizza's here so I should go get it, ciao.

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AriaOutlander9/13/13 3:28pm
Nito, from Darksouls?
(not google i swear!)
one of the four flamebearers? the.. what, black flame?

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Nito10/6/13 1:42am
You are....correct.

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