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Subscribe to this thread Some new blood here! created by Darlerian on May 14, 2013

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Darlerian5/14/13 10:29pm
Sup allyall, I'm Darlerian member 203, stumbled on to Dreamkeepers about 2 days ago, so here I am. For those of you wanna know the finer details of what it is that makes me well... me, here are a few things about myself: 1)I'm a big nerd,(D&D, magic the gathering, Yu-gi-oh, things like that). 2)Definitely a gamer (prefer RPG's and MMO's, but I play mostly anything with the exception of sports games, I just cant get into them). 3)I'm also into anime, manga and comics. Lastly, my favorite character so far is Namah.

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Ares5/15/13 3:43am
Welcome :)

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T3rminal5/15/13 7:11pm
Greetings and Salutations! Always a pleasure to see new people joining the forums.

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DanWithTheHat5/15/13 8:25pm
Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here. :)

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