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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers mini game created by sanat96 on June 4, 2013

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sanat966/4/13 8:01am
Hello all! I'm programmer from Kazakhstan. I wanna create mini-game about DreamKeepers.

You can play my videogame demonstration at this url - (working on all latest versions of popular browsers)
Video simple -
Now i trying create one game:

Namah imagination adventures
That is mini game with story of Manah imagination adventures. I can say only this:
-Big Vi

If you are painter, please help me! I can't paint animations, bacouse i'm bad with paint (but good in programming), if you wonna help me, please write to my e-mail (, or my twitter or my facebook
or my another e-mail -

Need animations:
Namah and other characters: idling, moving right, moving left, jumping
Monsters animations: idling, moving, attacking

This game will be free for all, i will never receive money for it.
My motives to create game:
- I love DreamKeepers
- I love creating
- I love programming

Please write what do you think about this.

New halloween version with better graphics. Check it!

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ezioauditore976/4/13 6:29pm
Ohh!This sounds very interesting.

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Hakuzo6/6/13 2:10pm
I guess this is made with Game Maker?

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sanat966/7/13 2:05am
Hakuzo, i don't use any game makers, i using only programming studios. I am creating it in Visual Studio with my enige for game

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sanat967/27/13 12:16pm
Now you can play at simple level at

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balthazarh8/29/13 5:47pm
I use Visual Studio too, but I'm learning how to use unity to develop 3D games.
I'll try to develop a Dreamkeepers game too.

I'm a BR, sorry, my English is a little rusty.

"- I love DreamKeepers
- I love creating
- I love programming" me too.

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sanat969/3/13 7:55am
Awesome! How we can chat? Please, say your facebook account url, or e-mail.

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sanat9610/28/13 11:24am
New halloween version!

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