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Subscribe to this thread fresh meat created by dyingdutchman on June 7, 2013

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dyingdutchman6/7/13 3:52am
Hello people, i'm new to the forum.
I hope i'll be able to contribute to threads to the best of my abilities.
Which isn't saying much but it's something

I don't bite... no wait, i do bite...sometimes, when i'm hungry... dangit!
I'll probably create and draw some fan-dreamkeepers/nightmares in the future because i love doing stuff like that.

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Ares6/7/13 3:17pm
Welcome to the forum friend enjoy and have a grand time :)

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T3rminal6/9/13 4:20pm
Hey, if you can draw you'll have a bunch of people looking for one of their keeper. and usually they'll pay.

ALSO! Howdy!

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BanditDragoon6/10/13 6:16pm
Greetings i am Bandit Dragoon and i come from the country known as the United Kingdom i only got here cuz i freakin love the comic and i hope to purchase volume 3 sooooon love the style love the story and cant get enough of it <3 anywho may update my profile lattterrr

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ezioauditore976/15/13 3:32pm
Welcome and have fun!

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