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Subscribe to this thread Making Dreamkeepers! created by CalvinCopyright on February 8, 2013

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Scottieboy20201/4/16 6:24pm
I'm still being finicky with my dreamkeeper. First I had an anthro shark, like Evzen, and now I have an anthro wolf. I think I really like the character design right now, but I'm not sure if it will be easy to work with in RP's.
His power is Telekinesis, which I thought would have an insane amount of uses. He can use it to fly, pressurize air to form a kind of blade, pull/push dark DK's or Nightmares, or even make individual molecules vibrate at a certain frequency so as to make fire or freeze something or even make a high pitched noise. I thought about him using it to deflect light and become invisible, but I don't think that would work...
Also, I'm still working out the kinks with his mindset. I want him to be like me, obviously, so as to keep the 'human/dreamkeeper pair' aspect. But I'm having problems thinking of what I want him to do in RP posts.
(Also, I have a finished character art on my DK page if you want to look at him.)

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Javelin1/4/16 9:53pm
Maybe you can add downsides to your power to balance out the odds
Like my power for instance my adrenaline power gives my DK more poise and may bearly flinch to incoming harm and hyper focus and endure more damage and abnormal strength (not like Lt Vi's super strength) but enough strength to haul his heavy trench coat like it was his home as well as his heavy one shot spear gatling living as a nomad at the cost of body health as well as being cooked by fire or heart rhyme getting interrupted by a disruptive pulse or very susceptible to micro radiation
When his power is active

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Scottieboy20201/5/16 8:16am
Well, all his downsides are physical. He has good speed and some strength, but he's not the best at taking a hit. Thus, he uses his power to give himself more breathing room. He's also a risk taker, meaning he's in more danger of taking those hits that slip past his guard.
Also, if he loses focus, he can't use his power.
However, once he starts using his power, he is very clever with it, finding uses most people wouldn't think of.

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Dawonguy2/8/16 8:03pm
Another power idea: Mimicry
Any power/attack that is witnessed by the user can be copied, but each power/attack can only be used once before having to witness it again (also the attack may not be as powerful as the original). Works great in team fights where the user has a bigger move pool, but not so much one on one. (those who have seen RWBY might know what this power is based on)

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ZycantAlpha2/8/16 10:48pm
I was thinking more along the lines of Final Fantasy's Mime special. But yeah, I can see where you're going with this. If the user had people other than him with a variety of Powers to draw from, he'd be able to fill any gaps in the attack.

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Scottieboy20202/10/16 6:24pm
I know nothing of FF so I can't really comment on that...
but, that power has some serious downsides...
for one: he NEEDS people around him.
Two: he needs to know how to use any power to its greatest advantage.
and three: he needs to have the strength to use any and all powers.
Those are some tricky things to consider.

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Dawonguy2/10/16 9:48pm
Okay, so to patch some of the holes in the mimicry power play style, how about letting the user hold on to 3 powers or so at a time so that they can be used for later. Say the user runs into a nightmare while alone, this will at least give the user a means to fight or escape. Also this will limit the capabilities during fights with a lot of DKs.
To cover inexperience, the user would probably copy the powers from the same group of allies and get used to those powers. Granted, the user would still be less experienced than their allies but would make up for it in fights with versatility.
@Scottie: So there are physical requirements for some powers? (haven't read v4 if it's explained there)

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Scottieboy20202/13/16 10:52pm
Dawonguy I haven't read V4 either (can't wait though!!!!!), but I figured that some powers might drain the physical or mental strength of the user. Think of my character Decibel: he can use Telekinesis in fantastic and versatile ways, but if he goes too far, or for too long, it could cause an extremely debilitating migraine or even kill him.
So that's what I meant when I said they need the strength to use those powers. However, your power sounds really uniquely useful, but only if you're good at fighting with a team. It wouldn't work for somebody like me since I'm a bit of a lone wolf.
still, sweet idea!

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Thegunner189/1/16 5:12pm
So I thought I'd just post this here to see if anyone wanted to give any feedback on this new power that I was creating earlier on. Might still need some tweaking, just thought I'd see what you guys thought:

Power: Atomic manipulation.
Description: Can increase/decrease the energy of molecules or atoms to alter their states as well as reshape their structure for a limited time. Example: can add energy to water molecules in order to boil the water into vapour or can remove energy from atoms in the air to allow them to bond and form water/ice. Uses energy from ones own body so it can be an exhausting power to use depending on what is being manipulated. Manipulating metals is much harder for example, but the solid metal can theoretically be 'melted' into a liquid briefly. However, energy removal from the surroundings will be able to sustain him since he then uses that energy himself.

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Scottieboy20209/1/16 8:57pm
Sounds pretty cool. In theory, you could use Telekinesis for the same thing, only instead of moving atomic energy, you're moving kinetic energy, to speed up atoms and create friction or slow them down and make things freeze.
But maybe thats just me.
Either way, it seems like a pretty balanced power, and could easily give some nightmares problems XD

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Thegunner189/2/16 3:15am
Thanks for the comment, scottie :D I think you're right that telekinesis could technically work that way too, yeah. People don't normally think of it in that way, though, so this might be simpler to explain (at least to me, anyway ^.^)

I just realised as well that taking energy from the surroundings is like being the embodiment of the heat death of the universe which might be a little OP hahaha. There is a limit to the amount of energy that can be stored before it needs to be released again, too.

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Scottieboy20209/3/16 7:08pm
I try to think of the logical (theoretical) limits of a power before I give it to a character. My main OC doesn't use the whole 'manipulating molecules to create heat' shtick unless he wants to superheat a potato until it explodes in a shower of spuddy napalm...
party tricks!

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