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Subscribe to this thread The Purge created by Animefan18 on June 13, 2013

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crazyhead422/14/15 6:12pm
I await your response.

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Asora2/14/15 8:06pm

Well, actually, the only thing I have to say now is that I personally think that stereotypical characters should only be used when the creator of the story is trying to show something greater meaning than what the characters in the story are experiencing, such as (for example) raising awareness of modern day problems, or something else like giving a new experience of entertainment to the viewers, or.........something like that. :P

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crazyhead422/14/15 8:28pm
1. I think that's what the creator was doing.
2. I disagree. I did make the Big Hero 6 argument, right? That movie doesn't really go into social issues, but it does go into depression. I don't think that's fitting your expectations though. But if you look at the characters in Big Hero 6, you'll see they parallel greatly with the ones in Teen Titans.

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Asora2/15/15 6:29am
Hmm.......okay, I understand what you're saying. However, I don't think you did the Big Hero 6 argument (at least, from my own perspective though).

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crazyhead422/15/15 9:59am
Huh. Must have been in the argument where I accidentally navigated away.

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Asora2/15/15 12:19pm

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origamifan2/16/15 9:41am
And, Given the job of the father, they could have at least a panic room.
Or, when the bad guys enter the home, they could stay in a room and defend themselves instead of separating themselves in three groups of one.
Or the father could have given gunfire to his wife and his son.

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Asora2/16/15 10:13am
Those plot holes do make sense as well origamifan, but I also just realized that the family had weapons themselves, but only had small firearms and knives, while the group of psychopaths had rifles, shotguns, pistols, and machetes.

One of the things I don't get is why did the family had such a small arsenal of weapons, even though they are mad rich and are living in a nation were they allow any type of crime to be legal for one night and one night only. If only the family bought for high-end weapons and more security, most of the things might have never happened that took place.

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crazyhead422/16/15 10:16am
Small weapons? Didn't the father get out a giant gun for himself at one point?

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Asora2/16/15 10:29am

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