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Subscribe to this thread New Forum created by Dez on February 8, 2013

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PacifistWarcries2/9/13 1:48pm
Yeah, love the new forum. Lots of bugs, and things that still need to be fixed, but even with those it's way better then the old forum. I also love how it matches the rest of the website. Speaking of bugs, maybe a bug/error thread? It'd be nice for the Dev of this site to know what to fix. For example, I've noticed that some new posts don't mark threads as "unread"

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PacifistWarcries2/9/13 1:50pm
Oh, and the edit button doesn't work, because I wanted to add that I can't change my avatar! I just assume the picture is too big, but a notice would be nice.

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Tricky2/9/13 4:37pm
I like this thread. This is a nice thread. I second the notion to have a bug/error thread. It appears I am having trouble with updating the "About" section of my DK's profile. Every time I hit "save changes," everything else saves and updates properly but the "About" section just erases all of the text I entered. I figure it's probably a similar problem to PacifistWarcries' problem, in which the information I entered has overstepped some unspecified limitation, but there's no notification of the reason why it's not saving, so I really have no idea.

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Ice4smaster2/10/13 1:49am
It's sure an eye candy, far more fitting in theme then the old one, yes still need some work but once that done so will be the fun doubled XD

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