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Subscribe to this thread Newbie Alert created by TripleOK on July 29, 2013

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TripleOK7/29/13 7:27pm
Hello, I'm TripleOK. Call me Triple. I'm gonna opt for a longer introduction. Here I go:

The sum of my forum experience is nil. I've had one other attempt at joining a forum, but it never took off. So if I do something wrong, I apologize.

I first learned of the Dreamkeepers all of three days ago, and dove right in. Which is odd for me, generally I find anthropomorphic characters off putting (something about the snouts and paw hands, I don't know). But something about Dreamkeepers just drew me in: the artwork, story, characters, I just love it! Particularly Namah. I ended up dropping a large sum of cash (at least for a college student) into the Prelude Kickstarter and am suffering some buyers remorse currently, hopefully that will pass soon, and as soon as I can get my birthday money into the bank I'm gonna get me volumes 1-3 of DK.

I do some Dice-Rolling RPGs, and have played D&D (both 3.5 and 4.0), World of Darkness, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K (Dark Heresy and Deathwatch), Silverage Sentinals, and Mekton Zeta. Okay, maybe a lot. Lately some friends and I have been playing a lot of our own Marvel and DC games with Silverage. Unfortunately I'm terrible at the Role-Playing part. Slowly getting bettter though.

I also play a lot of video games, mostly X-Box 360. I'm into action, adventure, FPS, some RPG. Can't stand point and clicks unless it's RTS, even then not many of those. Not into sports, video game or otherwise, though there is the occasional racing or fighting game.

Let's see, one more thing. Oh yes, I'm a Criminal Justice major in college. Senior. Also an Eagle Scout. For those who don't know, Eagle Scout is the highest rank and honor for a Boy Scout. My proudest achievement so far.

Um, I think that's it. Hope that's good. Nice to meet everyone.

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Zach5407/29/13 9:38pm
Welcome! I'm new at this too, but there are a lot of people here that would be happy to help. So if you have any questions just ask, and you should get some answers. So welcome aboard, and have fun!

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joeden7/30/13 8:57am
nice to meet you.

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Esayo7/30/13 10:50am
Welcome to the forums, fantastic to meet you! o/

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T3rminal7/30/13 11:29am
Woah! You are okay in my book good sire, mainly because I am also an Eagle Scout.

Also, Welcome! If you ever need anything, there are a lot of us who are willing to lend a hand.

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TripleOK7/30/13 10:36pm
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I really appreciate it.

So T3rminal you are also an Eagle Scout?! Amazing! Gotta ask: What was your project? For mine I built a campfire area for my church, complete with propane fueled fire starter system!

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T3rminal7/31/13 8:11am
Nice! I made about 6 picnic tables, trashcan holders, and built a bridge. both of my brothers are also Eagle scouts, one did an entire ampitheater with housing for lumber. And the other redid a churches playground, planted a tree and some benches.

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TripleOK7/31/13 10:56am
Nice dude.

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ezioauditore978/3/13 4:37pm
Ohh an Eagle Scout?Many honorable men have earned that achievement so congrats!What sort of campouts with Boy Scouts do you like the most?I cannot decide between spleunking and biking honestly.Anyways great to have you on here and enjoy your time in the DK community!

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TripleOK8/4/13 11:45am
Thanks. I would personally say backpacking, but anything done with friends is a great time.

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