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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers Prelude Web-series created by Tempest on August 28, 2013

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Tempest8/28/13 9:36am
hows it going folks, i figured id drop on by and give you some quick info on a project ive started with a couple of DK-fans... we're making a Dreamkeepers Prelude webseries that will mainly reside on youtube

animation example -

I'm directing the project and have already gotten the okay from David... what we need primarily are actors and artists.. but for most of the information, check out the forum post at the bottom

more characters will appear as time goes by, but for now, we need a few actors for the roles of Bobby, Grunn, Kornkord twins, Whip, and 2 extras... and this is for the first 4 episodes (first mace/whip section)

tech wise... i haven't a clue, im leaving that too kiyo, but i believe we need a few good artists to just pull layers out of the comic pages, and pull separate sections out as well (clouds, water, ground, characters)... when i get better information, ill drop another reply

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Prometheus8/31/13 7:57am
I'm going to be keeping an eye on this project! It's gonna be awesome! :)

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ezioauditore979/2/13 2:56pm
Best of luck with that!

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MobileCrusader4/14/14 7:42am
I wish I had been around to be part of this. I know it is still going on, but too late for me to be involved.

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Tempest5/2/14 4:36pm
for those who are curious, the project is still continuing through auditions for all the season one characters

for everybody that wants to keep tabs on the project on whose voicing who and who CAN be voiced

check out the link and my twitter


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MobileCrusader5/2/14 8:08pm
Continued wishes if luck and whatnot.

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Prometheus6/17/14 10:19am
Two more auditions were submitted in the 28th of last month. Looks like it's picking up speed.

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GodofVelcro6/17/14 11:22pm

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Prometheus1/15/15 3:13pm
Well, I had to say something. No activity on the audition thread since May of last year. I wonder what's up?

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MobileCrusader1/25/15 9:49am
How is this project coming along? Ive not heard anything in some time.

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Prometheus1/25/15 1:39pm
As of August of last year, they were still needing voices for Lilith, Vis. Calah, Sam (Child Services agent), and several others. I asked him about a rumor on his dA journal from over a year ago and this is what he told me. So, I'll probably have to ask him how the project is coming along or wait for him to come to a chat session.

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xprincessnikkix10/2/15 6:46am
do you need anymore voice actors ?

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Lycanphoenix10/2/15 9:50am
That is pretty good animation quality for a test-thingermajig! :D
I just hope you guys don't plan on using 3D Animation at any point, since it wouldn't mesh with the 2D Art.

You should ask Ross Scott if he'd like to voice a character.

I am also wondering what you guys are planning for music.

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Thegunner1810/2/15 10:06am
I'm also gonna voice my support for this here. I'd love to see this get properly up and running, and for it to stay that way :) Heck, maybe my voice fits one of the available characters, too.

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Prometheus5/21/16 3:55pm

Here is a journal regarding Tempest's status as of now. He replied to a comment I left, saying he still needs people to work editing and animating. He still has actors waiting to play their roles.

Might want to shoot him a message or wait for him to open animator auditions if anyone here is interested in that area of the project.

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