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Subscribe to this thread Anduruna's Favorite primetime sport; FALLGUARD! created by AriaOutlander on September 13, 2013

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AriaOutlander9/13/13 4:11pm
Hello all, friends and such.
I've been doing stuff over my (seemingly) brief RP Hiatus, here. I was inspired to jump up out of my grave and kick up a whole new roleplay, dedicated to the wonderfully violent sport of FALLGUARD! there's a huge twist, though!

Unlike all prior Roleplays i've participated in here on DK, this one has nothing to do with heroics, or powers, shock troopers, or power-infraction. This is nice, Clean, fair, dirty fallguard. I'm sure most all of us are familiar with this sport-- most specifically via Igrath and Virathus. Maybe, we could kick this thing (and my RP hiatus) up from out of the dust!

I'd love to hear from you all about this idea-- As I would love to have a (finally) normal, sporty roleplay here. Nothing fancy, no intertwining plots (haha, yeah probably not. Makes things interesting.), and very VERY few uses of power usage.

From what I've gathered-- There are two types of players. Runners(Offense) and Defenders(Defence). Fields are Approximately 30m-60m wide and 60m-120m long. Larger fields are probably for more decorative arenas. Each Fallguard stadium has platforms which players have to remain on. The properties of these platforms will vary between arena, and region. (Calypsa's is probably like their architecture-- strong, beautiful, and slippery when wet. Probably made of a stone similar to marble.)
Fallguard players wear a set of protection, like those gloves Virathus has-- because she's probably a defender-- the more aggressive, hard hitting role. She would be the one guarding the ball in her side of the field. I can provide more details if you're confused and would like to ask me about them.

Registered Fallguard Players:
Eugene Takyon
Markus Holbrach

Character Applications;
If you'd like to submit character applications, I would like it to be in, or close to, this format!

Species(including colourations, extra parts, etc):


Name: Eugene Takyon

Gender: Ambiguous (Female Body type)

Species/At-a-glance: Hellhound, Purple eyes, tongue, blood etc. spiked, punky black hair (with purple streaks, ofc), and purple glasses.

District: Calypsa (team name? possibly. we could brainstorm those)

Position: Defensive (Or Fallguardian)

Build: Short, toned and (well, desposition here) very punchy.

Attitude: Inside the field, she's agressive and will do anything within the rules (and sometimes not) to prevent the offense from breaking her line. Outside of the field, she's quiet, and a really big softie for her friends, and animals.

Backstory: Eugene came from an underground fighting league, merely known as GFL, among those in the chain. She was called 'Eugene "Death-yon" Takyon' for just how ruthless she was in the ring. She would wear boxing gloves, even though other fighters would fight her barehanded. If she didn't win in the first round, she took her gloves off and fought hard. The GFL fighting chain was taken down (due to.. mishaps.) and Eugene looked for other roughhousing outlets.
She was reccomended-- like a lot of the fighters-- for Fallguard. She applied, tried out-- and all the other fighters that were in the GFL dropped out when they saw the 'infamous' Deathyon applying for Fallguard. Obviously-- she took to it like a hound takes to.. whatever hounds take to.

||!!|| I would appreciate using an IRC to coordinate actions among team members, and with me, if you would like something announced in the roleplay! or as such. We could even have it to the point of me being the only poster, posting an agreed upon (WALL OF TEXT) post. Hit the livechat button and go to menu, then enter channel "#DK_Fallguard_RP" for the discussion! Team channels can be made too!

(ALSO! Just as a quick note. ilvos01 was the one to inspire me with his story "The Fallguard Affair" right on over here. . Any credit for the idea of this being a roleplay goes (at least partially) to him.)

EDIT: I've done a lot of research and thinking about the Roleplay-- And I've decided that I'll probably stop trying to kick up the roleplay-- Unless others express an interest, It'll be here stagnate.

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joeden9/13/13 4:24pm
Sounds like fun.

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AriaOutlander9/13/13 4:32pm
I think so too, honestly. Might have to wait a bit for our regulars, or, previously regular posters.

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joeden9/13/13 4:34pm
beginning of the school year it's going to be rough for some

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AriaOutlander9/13/13 4:36pm
My schoolyears are always lax.
speaking of school, I also have a very very good (AND) strict english teacher. loving it a lot.

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AriaOutlander9/13/13 6:00pm
by the way, I'll be adding to this.. header post. maybe. I'm trying to pull out the stops for this RP to make it amazing.

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Thegunner189/14/13 9:45am
Name: Markus Holbrach

Age: 27

Gender(Optional): Male

Species(including colourations, extra parts, etc): Sabre-toothed Cat. Dark green eyes. Medium length, messy crimson hair. Earthy-brown fur with pale brown on the inner parts of his body (e.g. chest, abdomen) Black stripes run across both shoulders and down his back and thighs. As ever with Sabers, Markus' large canines are one of his most distinguishing features.

District: Norvondire

Position: Offensive (Runner – the main threat to the enemy team, and therefore the one targeted most often. The runner of the team is generally the one who steals the ball from under the enemy noses and begins the attempt to score points. Usually doesn’t get involved in much of the defensive side of things.) Similar to strikers or forwards in soccer.

Build: Athletic, sharp and quick on the draw. Far smaller and more lithe than most of the others who participate.

Attitude: Cunning and intelligent, his vision on the field of play in the heat of the moment is immense. Whilst there are a lot of players who will dangerously tread the line between being within the laws of the game and breaking them, Markus often goes out of his way to be as sporting as is possible in an environment such as Fallguard. When he’s off the field, nothing changes about him. He’s just a guy doing what he loves for a living.

Backstory: As a teenager, Markus knew he never wanted to follow the norm like his parents or friends had. He didn’t want to be one of the many faceless ‘Keepers who were, essentially, just another statistic in a boring office job. He needed something more to live for. Something like Fallguard. He’d been an avid sportsman for many of his school teams, so he wasn’t lacking the fitness needed. Due to his smaller than average stature, though, Markus was rebuffed multiple times after enquiring about any opportunities to get into the district team. Oftentimes he’d be laughed at or made fun of, but persistence and perseverance eventually payed off. The Saber was given his chance. The rest, as they say, is history.

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AriaOutlander9/14/13 1:37pm
Accepted! Looks great.

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Roan10/23/13 9:35pm


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AriaOutlander10/27/13 7:09pm
wowe, seems like nobody's really too interested in this RP.

(that, or anybody that /would be/ is away or gone. or just not looking.)

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AriaOutlander5/29/14 9:03am
came back on to state that this is a dead idea to me now, by the way

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joeden5/29/14 9:16am
Hey aria and yea sorry about that

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