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Subscribe to this thread Suggestions created by Hakuzo on February 8, 2013

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Kirito3/11/15 5:39pm
This was a great suggestion by user BryanDimmsdale

>>>> "@Kirito

Yeah I know that, but people can see the spoilers still despite the warning. Anyways, here's is what I am talking about them bars:

So that it is really hidden." <<<<

The implementation of a spoiler bar would avoid accidental revelation of unwanted knowledge that is based in plot.

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DanWithTheHat3/11/15 7:18pm
I've had that on my big list of things to add to make this forum better but it will take some work to add. Its invaluable for a book discussion forum to have a good way to hide spoilers. As soon as the new volume comes out, this forum will be full of them. (Just like Vol 3's release)

I think the next suggestion I make to Dave and the programmer will be to add formatting and with that, spoiler tags. We probably will have to wait until after Vol 4 though.

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Kirito3/11/15 7:44pm
Formatting would be an awesome improvement to the forums. Especially with v4 coming up soon.

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crazyhead423/11/15 8:07pm
Can we also have some basic means of adding italics, bolding, underlines, and maybe strikethroughs? This limited format option system is a bit annoying in my opinion. Did teach me to respect formatting though.

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Lycanphoenix10/14/15 10:01am
- Email notifications (if it has not already been suggested)
- Separate BBcode tags for things like different types of dice; both so you can choose *where* in your post you roll your dice, making it easier to tell what you're rolling for, and also so that we can use different types of dice for different things, like if we're emulating an RPG in an IC thread.

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Hakuzo11/5/15 9:27pm
Can we make the forum more mobile friendly? I can visit just fine but navigation is tedious. I'm stuck on mobile almost indef.

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Lycanphoenix11/5/15 9:46pm
Same deal here, except in my case it is the iPhone, making it worse since I will never get Flash support, thereby restricting me from 70% of the Internet

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Hakuzo11/5/15 10:32pm
I don't have flash support. It's being phased out because of Java and hrml 5

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Hakuzo11/11/15 3:08am
Ok, more issues I found. No profile preview. No icons for Weasly or sofurry in profile.

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