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Subscribe to this thread The humor thread created by korze91 on September 30, 2013

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Havoc2/20/15 8:26pm
Everything's been little too serious around here lately SO!!!

I like this suit and with that I think that I have the worst taste ever!

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DanWithTheHat2/20/15 9:32pm
The only way you could be more tacky is if you had a YOLO license plate.

Weird Al is still good after all these years. I never expected him to make a comeback at all!

Here's some more funny to lighten the mood:

Fresh Tank Engine of Bel Air:

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ZycantAlpha2/21/15 6:49pm
You could also have fake bull testicles attached to the back bumper of your truck (and yes, fake bull testicles actually exist for that purpose).

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crazyhead422/21/15 6:52pm
I believe they are literally called "Truck nuts". I prefer the image of peanuts carved into miny trucks though. (You have to admit, that would be cute and cool)

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Aman37123/2/15 6:43pm
Who wants to see a kitten beat the crap out of a dog?

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origamifan8/5/15 11:52am
Here is a funny comic from which you are the hero, in order to celebrate the holidays.
Feel free to ask for a (rusty) translation from me if you want!

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Havoc8/23/15 8:14pm
Now for something I hope makes you laugh but I have a terrible sense of humor.

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Ferrous2/3/16 3:12pm
This joke works best if you read it in an outrageous Irish accent.

One afternoon, Molly Finnegan answered a knock at the front door of her house. She opens the front door and there stands a man in a suit. "Hello Molly, my name is Michael Fitzgerald, I work at the distillery with your husband. D'you mind if I come in?"
"Oh, that's no problem, come in."
So they both sit down at the kitchen table and Michael says "Well Molly, there's no easy way to say this. But there was an accident at the distillery this morning. Your husband Patrick fell into a vat of single malt whiskey and I'm afraid he drowned."
Now, as you might understand, Molly was rather distraught by this news and begins a wailin' and a weepin. Finally she gets herself composed.
"Tell me, Michael, could you tell me at least that he didn't die in pain?"
"Oh, I'm pretty sure he didn't die in pain, Molly."
"How can you be sure, Michael?"
"Because, Molly, he climbed out of that vat of whiskey three times to take a piss."

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origamifan3/4/16 11:31am
Here is a funny video
Note: the opening short film can be viewed by roughly everyone, but the videos he review (mostly the second one) are kinda NSFW.

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