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Subscribe to this thread I Have Returned From Brasil! created by Vescott on December 4, 2013

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Vescott12/4/13 1:13am
I have returned and, I am expecting salutations... Just kidding. It's good to be back. But yeah Brasil was awesome! Any questions?

It appears like a few things have changed. For example, the forum itself. Also, I think that a lot of yall changed names or something because I don't recognise anyone. But don't mind me, if you've got something for me to do I'm all ears. I'd appreciate the little something to do here.

Any sugestions on what I can do?

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Vescott12/9/13 7:35pm
I'm sorry but have I missed something here? It appears as if the DK Forum is all but dead. Even twilight hasn't been on in a while, almost three months actually. Hmnn...

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joeden12/9/13 8:07pm
Hello i`m here but yea i`m new first on this site but most of the regs that i know are in collage and other things. But welcome to site sorry i didn't say hi before and hopefully people will return. And welcome to the new forum again.

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DanWithTheHat12/17/13 6:58pm
I don't remember if I joined the old forum before you left or not so you may not remember me but welcome back! The forum has been kind of slow lately but I'm sure it will start becoming more lively again once Vol 4 starts taking more shape. The community is still here, its just in hibernation I guess.

Anyway, what did you go to Brazil for? Was it for teaching? I know a friend who did that a summer ago and had an awesome time there as well. Seems like a really interesting country.

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