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Subscribe to this thread Character Voice Actors created by SuperTurbo4 on February 1, 2014

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Dawonguy7/31/16 12:06pm
@Zeno: Not unless there are others who saw the comment and want to join I guess.

I suppose I can start this by throwing myself into the flames.

May the (constructive) potato roasting begin! I want to be delicious french fries when we're done.

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Prometheus7/31/16 12:36pm

Is there any particular reason you decided to use this thread rather than a new thread in the Volunteer Army section? Was this authorized by the other mods?

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Dawonguy7/31/16 1:12pm
@Prometheus: I am not authorized for anything. It's just that I figured jumping on an existing forum might be better than starting a new one, and since we were going to discuss and review our auditions for the Dreamkeepers the Movie project where we are voice actors for the characters, I thought this was the best of what I could find. But now that you mention it, starting something in the volunteer army section seems more fitting for our intentions, and we can do that. Sorry if we are causing trouble.

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Prometheus7/31/16 1:23pm
It's no trouble, really. It's just that it would be best to start a new thread in the more appropriate section of the forum. Despite this thread being dead for the past few months, it wouldn't be right to commandeer it for off-topic discussion.

Edit: I already made a quick thread in the Volunteer Army section for all voice actors and collaborators. Somebody more involved with the project will need to provide proper links. Thread has been stickied to make it more convenient and give it some importance.

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Dawonguy7/31/16 1:47pm
Okay, thanks

Moving here:

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