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ZycantAlpha6/13/14 7:16pm
Pietas could only stare in awe of the tape. He was sure he'd never said those words, nor would he have any reason to. He wanted to protest it, but he couldn't speak. The shock had rendered him useless in all regards. Eventually he found his voice, but it was weak and directed at no one in particular.

"It's a's all a lie..."

That was all he could muster before his sister walked over and punched him as hard as she could. He put up no resistance to the assault.
Veritas found herself standing in the morgue holding her brother. She ran forward, hoping to get a chance to examine the body and praying that there was some mistake...though she would find no salvation from the body.

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House6/14/14 5:57pm
Eywin spared the chill and the creeping feeling only a moment's thought. He didn't have time to be afraid, he had to be gone, and fast. He didn't seek any shelter from the rain, nor did he look to the looming buildings. He just ran.

Calypsa couldn't escape him forever. He wasn't sure why he thought that was a legitimate scenario, but it was happening, and it didn't break the illusion to him. Instead he fell right into it, chasing after the border.

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CavalryUnderFire6/15/14 2:46pm
Calv called out weakly for help, to let them know she was there--but no noise left her mouth.

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FelGrey6/17/14 4:09am
Fel screamed in rage and terror, struggling and bucking against his restraints violently. Not caring about his broken bones, he fought desperately to get free.

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joeden7/3/14 8:30am
Jamie’s surroundings had changed and he was standing on top of a building out in the dune sea, he attached his zip cord to the metal railing and looked to his team and nodded. He jumped over the edge and crashed through the windows with his squad catching the rebels by surprise. Jamie planted a backhand strike across the first guy’s face and kicked him square in the chest, sending him flying back as another attacker bashed a chair across Jamie’s back sending him to the ground as the attacker pulled a knife out, he jumped on Jamie and tried to implant the thing in his neck. Jamie holding him off brought up his knee and hit him right between the legs, as the rebel went cross eyed, Jamie grabbed the knife planting it in the guy’s chest and shoved him aside. Getting up Jamie received a shot to the jaw from the first guy and another couple of shots sending him back. Tossing his right hand up in an upper block he derailed a punch and returned the favor with a few harder hits taking the guy down. Wobbling a bit he spat some blood and looked as his team, who had just finished up with their opponents; Jamie then took out his katana and planted it into the guy he just fought as he was getting up.

Walking towards the door to the next room his team came up behind him and a female voice said, “Shit cakes these guys are tough.” Another voice said, “well Sammie what did you expect these are soldiers fighting in a war just like us we’re not facing the untrained crooks of Anduruna,” after that bit of bickering, one of the squad members put a charge on the door to the next room. Taking positions the first guy counted, “three… two… one…” BOOM!!! As the door was blown in the four of them filtered into the room only to find a shock as everyone was already dead except for one person at the far end and a Nightmare of great size. The two of them looked at the squad that just came in and it smiled as it said, “Looks like we have some company and they brought my experiment with them as well; good.” The Nightmare smiled and left everyone in confusion, as it said something in some unrecognizable language, “************” the rest of Jamie’s squad was confused as Sam said, “what the hell was tha-“ Her sentence was cut short as Jamie put a bullet through the back of her skull catching his other two teammates by surprise as he stuck is katana into the guy on his right and roundhouse kicked the second guy and pulled out a pistol shooting him as he managed to say, “w-why?” after the mess Jamie regained control of his body as the Nightmare and the second guy left Jamie, who was on his knees horrified at what he’d done. His friends all of them dead by his hands and he couldn’t stop himself from doing this again.

The reality around them, then broke apart, as their radios crackled and Ollow’s voice came through saying, “everyone move quickly we stopped the keeper from using his power but we’re not sure for how much longer, get out of the hall quickly!”

Jamie wasted no time, double timing it he made it out of the hall into a large room with the huge Nightmare the one that did all the killing lying dead in front of a chair. In the chair a single person sat one that looked human aside from the long blue and white fox tail sharp pointed teeth and fox ears on his head, he had yellow ringed eyes and a pale white skin with blonde hair neatly cut as he wore a a black and white vertical lined suit he also held a red wine glass. He sat cross-legged and smiled at the entrances to the room as everyone would come through.

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ZycantAlpha7/13/14 2:13pm
Pietas and Veritas woke up around the same time as each other, snapping out of the nightmares to which they had been subjected. Pietas could hear the radio crackle but he was more concerned with what they had just gone through. Veritas, meanwhile was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she had just been standing in front of her brother's body in a morgue.

Breathing heavily, she looked around and began to process what had gone on. Meanwhile her brother took a more direct approach.

"What in Spirit's name just happened to us?"

However he didn't get an answer immediately as Ollow's voice came in through the radio. Jamie dashed forward and Pietas tried to follow after, dragging his younger sister with him. If they were going to figure out what was going on, it would have to be along the way.

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