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Subscribe to this thread "He's finally back, and about time, too!" created by Mutations2000 on February 8, 2013

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Mutations20002/8/13 9:22pm
Well, this is nice. Havin to register again was a little inconvientient, and all of the old threads are gone, which kinda' sucks, but the new forum looks amazing! It was totally worth it! And, now that I have an excuse to use the forums more with both the new book and the new forum, I need to come up with an avatar and a less stupid, Marty Stu-ish backstory for my DK.

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NiuXiu2/8/13 11:18pm
"And this time... are you in the mood?" Lol Great to have you on board! :)

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Ice4smaster2/10/13 4:05am
Hello there! Old forum is still up, for now, so might wanna save or port some stuff while it is there :)

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Mutations20002/10/13 10:17am
I'll keep that in mind. I had an idea for a Dreamkeepers GMod Game mode, and I'd like to repost that here.

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