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Subscribe to this thread Springer rifle created by FelGrey on June 17, 2014

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FelGrey6/17/14 4:19am

As some may know, I'm working on a functional Springer rifle concept. I want to know if anyone may have an objection against straying from coil springs?

I found that there is such a thing as disk springs that can stack nicely, and have fantastic decompression velocity and power.

If I did my math right, a 10 cm cartridge can propel an approx. 30 gram projectile near 4200 fps. Or,for standard units, about 4 inches and a 1 oz projectile.

Or I can make less than I half inch long bean bag cartridges that hit about 250 fps thre inches with the bean bag itself.

Do people like this idea?

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PotatoFox6/17/14 5:19am
I do like your idea and I have been working on my own concept for a while (which can shoot auto), which I might write up later.
As for your maths, the round you are proposing has an energy of about 21 kilojoules.
The nearest I could find in real terms to that was the soviet 12.7x108mm round used in heavy machine guns, at "just" 18KJ.
These springs sound very good, but the materials needed to make the case will cost a lot (things like boron, titanium ect.) as I doubt cheapo alumiuminuminium (look! I've been politically sensitive by using ALL the spellings of what was originally called Alumium and is now known as Aluminium or Aluminum. Hooray for me!) or copper is quite up to the task of holding that much energy

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Prometheus6/17/14 10:21am
I absolutely like this idea! Best of luck to you 'cuz I don't see how I could be of help, at least mathematically.

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FelGrey6/17/14 1:17pm
Titanium is actually rather cheap, but I won't be able to use that. I believe the shock will probably cause it to shatter. Titanium is tough, but rather brittle.

I'm thinking probably stainless or cast iron, ill play with a variety of thicknesses and stress testing with a number of springs to find a good balance of weight and power. I may end up making cartridges for a variety of weapons, each suited for a different purpose.

EX. Handgun or SMG equivalents, AR equivalents, and sniper equivalents.

I think I have a good machenism for releasing the spring energy with a firing "pin". That's all I was worried about.

I might try full auto, I'm just worried about jamming. I may try to eventually look into three round burst, but semi is a good start for me

Anyone interested in the bean bag guns? I know for a fact that bean bag guns using compressed air and springs are legal self defense weapons in all states.

And, I can figure out a way to see if I can put paintballs in thoselow velocity ones. Would be fun n.n

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