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Subscribe to this thread Namah created by Ice4smaster on February 10, 2013

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NatChon12/9/15 9:01pm
I still don't know why the guards still don't trust her. You would think that they would let her out to do some enjoyable stuff. Also what happened to her private teacher?

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SuperTurbo412/12/15 6:09am
Her private teacher? She left.

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NatChon12/13/15 4:05pm
Well yeah she had to have left at some point. What I mean is, is she still Namah's private teacher or not and will we ever see her again.

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ChunkyTheClown1/13/16 7:07pm
New topic idea: with the new 4th book out(I still have yet to get it), what's you're favorite "Namah moment" from the previous books and prelude? Mine is probably the "Last time I'll ever be through here. Sigh. I'm going to start a fire" moment from Book 3, and I want to hear what everyone else's are.

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Prometheus1/15/16 11:26am

Mmmmm, that's a tough one. If I had to choose, it would be Namah and Calah confronting one another in Calah's office in Prelude. That whole interaction between them was comedy gold. XD

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Kirito1/15/16 7:57pm
Mine probably would have to be when Namah skewers Bill with her horn by accident. It showed her as a character with emotions underneath her hard exterior and I absolutely loved that.

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BryanDimmsdale1/22/16 7:46am
I'll post mine soon if I'll find it. I want that climax plot twist thingy, either in the prelude or in the GNS saga.

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bigbishounen9/27/16 6:52am
There is something that has been bothering me about Namah, and I'm hoping this is the correct thread to discuss it in.

Her appearance/character design. While we have already been shown that she is Tinsel's daughter (some appearance similarities, similar personality traits, similar powers, etc) What bothers me is the intimation that she is Viscount Calah's daughter.

From what I've been able to glean through the story and incidental characters, the Dreamkeepers universe uses a "heredity" model similar to the real world. IE: traits are inherited from both parents, and children look pretty much like a blend of both parents, often leaning more strongly towards one parent or the other. Also with the occasional recessive trait expressing itself, much like two dark haired, brown eyed parents having a blonde haired blue eyed child.

That said, while it is clear that Namah is Tinsel's daughter, I can see NOTHING of V. Calah in her. Calah is a Lion/Big Cat strain, and Tinsel is... something else I can't put my finger on. As such, Lilith looks like a cat, as she is the daughter of two catlike parents. But Namah? She has Gecko/Lizard traits with no apparent fur. She also has those digitigrade legs that match neither Tinsel or V. Calah and the eyes that look positively lizard-like. That is FAR too much difference to be explained away by "recessive genes".

At this point I have serious and significant doubts about Namah being V. Calah's biological daughter. There is just WAY too much difference there to be a coincidence. Honestly, I think it more likely that she is the daughter of Tinsel and some other lizard-like being. (Possibly even Nabonidus? We don't know what he looks like under that cloak, after all, and Tinsel IS working with him...) Tinsel simply lies to V. Calah, and since he is obviously a complete dunce, he bought it, or at least knew enough to pretend to buy it while keeping Namah a secret for as long as possible.

But yeah, I think there is almost NO chance that Namah is actually the daughter of V. Calah, and her design is the giveaway.

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finlo9/27/16 10:27am
namah really hate her father didnt she? :(

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Kymastrider9/27/16 1:59pm

1st off I think Dave officially confirmed in a chat weeks ago that Calah is Namah's father believe it or not. I really don't think there's any denying Lilith and Namah are half-sisters, not Stepsisters. If Namah didn't have at least some of Calah's genes then he'd have no reason to keep her.

2nd Dave mentioned that the appearance of a DK can be based on the parents depending on the personality of the DK itself, it could be she has so little in common with her father as it is that she resembles him as leastly as possible, on the other hand she does have alot in common with Tinsel.

You can ask dave yourself in this weeks stream if you dont believe me but I find it very difficult to believe at this point that Lilith and Namah aren't even related.

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Prometheus9/27/16 10:07pm
If I recall, appearance is not only heavily dependent on personality, but also on Power. Namah's Power requires both accuracy and elegant physical movement, so Namah's athletic and digitigrade stature could be because of the Power she has.

Of course, she did also inherit a few of Tinsel's traits. The Lillies had to make sure to keep things somewhat comparable to our world.

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bigbishounen9/28/16 8:15am
@Kymastrider & @Prometheus

That is very interesting and informative. Thank you. Being a new reader I haven't listened to the live streams or chats so I wasn't privy to this information. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be written into the story itself, as of yet.

Not to criticize, but that does seem to be a bit of an oversight. That information would, particularly in Namah's case, be critically important for character development. Hopefully it will be put into the Prequel Comic since it does seem that Lilith is just discovering Namah's parentage herself. It would make for an interesting few panels having them trying to figure out why Namah looks nothing like Calah.

That said, I have to say I am a BIT disappointed if that is the case as it does seem to be a bit of a lazy way to handle it. It would have been MUCH better for Namah to actually be the daughter of Tinsel and one of the other story villians, with the tension and pathos that would bring to the storyline. Can you imagine Namah discovering that, as I suspected previously, Nabonidus was actually her father? Hoooolyyy crap would that be a massive mess (and an awesome sub-plot!) If her appearance is "just because of her power" well then... Ok I guess, but it's kind of "meh" as far as story goes.

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Kymastrider9/28/16 2:48pm

another real good piece of evidence to Namah being Calahs daughter is in an opening article on the physical verson of volume-2. You can't read it on the website only if you actually buy the real life book.

There's a lenthy article at the beginning of vol-2 called

Overview; The Third War of Andaruna

written by Nainso Ziska II, Esq.

Basically the events of the GNS and it's aftermath are already written down in history books as suggested by these beginning articles.

Iteresting is it's states next to a brief summary of Namah.

(Id) See the ba. -Athough secreted from the public view, Namah Calah was indeed an illegitimate child to the Viscount.

I don't think you need anymore proof than that that Calah is her dad and Lilith is her half-sister.

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xodathe4bdn19/29/16 5:53am
from what I read on the lore of the site and the comics released
Powers are more rooted in personality than genetics
When you think about it ,from the beginning of our lives our family effect us both emotionally and physically
For dreamkeepers this emotional influence shapes both their appearance and their powers
Even fror the twins character; their personality shapes them
Kalei and Jeneviv by their appearance are as different as 'day and night'
And the indigo twins are so alike in personality that even their constantly changing coloring which is inversely symmetrical to each other makes it near impossible to tell one from the other. The way David and Lillie have made them is very interesting as it shows that they are twins in the every sense of the word both physically and emotionally
But enough of that
what im saying is that from what ive seen from the comics a newborn dreamkeepers appearance is almost a foreshadowing of their future self
Namah has very little contact with her parents but she is not completely isolated from them
Being an attention whore- tinsel is loud , bratty and bitchy and is not afraid of exposing these characteristics infront of namah so she became influenced by it and gained some similarities in appearance as well as personality.
The opposite is the same of the viscount ; he has such a small participation in her life that there is little or no similarities in their personality and thus their appearance
But Namahs isolation nurtured not only a volatile nature but also a deeply inquisitive mind as well
Her more agile and dexterous body made namahs life of 'sneak and destroy' far easier and from what we've seen in comics: her power is also linked to her personality as it can be both destructive and adaptable
A dreamkeepers appearance at birth to me is like a foretelling of what their personality is to become like and this in turn influences their power
In conclusion as with peolple ,a dreamkeepers adolescence is often the foundation of the type of person they’ll be in life

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Prometheus9/30/16 10:43am
Hey, that's an amazing analysis there. Especially when considering how Namah is effected by Tinsel with the few instances that she has witnessed her. When you think about it, when Lilith was comparing Namah and Tinsel's personalities when she first started speculating that the two were related, your analysis makes sense from the exposure standpoint.

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