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Dreamkeepers Forums - The average springer, supersonic or not?

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Subscribe to this thread The average springer, supersonic or not? created by Digitigraderobo on August 15, 2014

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Digitigraderobo8/15/14 5:34pm
Does the average springer gun have the power to propel it's rounds at a supersonic speed, or are they subsonic?. They are powerful enough to go through the wall of a house and still have speed left over. What do you think?

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DanWithTheHat8/15/14 5:38pm
At least for the rifles the troopers have, I believe those rounds would be subsonic. The projectiles are so massive, They would have tons of kinetic energy at even subsonic speeds.

A big guess on my part would be that they are traveling around 200 m/s. Guesstimating the size from the springer rounds on Scinter's desk in Vol. 3 and density of the projectile (the density of steel), such a large projectile at that speed would have more kinetic energy than a .50 cal round.

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jumbleniter8/16/14 12:08pm
If we assume the bullets are sized to comfortably sit in the hand, and that they were made entirely of metal, the mass would be placed somewhere around 50 to 75 grams. If we plug that into the equation for kinetic energy (1/2*Mass*Velocity^2) along with Dan's estimate of the speed, we get 40,000 Joules to be around it's max kinetic energy.

But recall that Dave mentions that it's not really upheld by science. Using the total energy from above and assuming that the springs inside the cartridges are compressed 4 inches, (which is a lot)and using the spring energy equation (1/2*K*x^2) we find that spring constant (K) is 5,000 Newtons/Meter. Which is slightly absurd.

What I'm saying is that, it doesn't really matter, it can subsonic or supersonic, because science doesn't even matter here. the only rules about them is the input in the article on springers in the technology section of the website.

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DanWithTheHat8/17/14 9:51pm
I think you made a calculation error on the spring constant. I got a spring constant of 7.8 Meganewtons/meter for 40000 joules of energy at 4 inches of compression. 0.o
Small, 5,000 N/m springs are actually physically possible (and fairly common) in real life.

In a world with flo-wood and demon dust, I believe there could be materials to make extraordinary MN/m springs like that. ^_^

If the springs in springer cartridges can store that much energy, than I don't see why supersonic projectiles wouldn't be possible. (increased penetration/longer range with a lighter projectile perhaps?)

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jumbleniter8/18/14 6:57pm
There's a reason I'm not a physicist, I tend to get my answers wrong. (Laughs)

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DanWithTheHat8/19/14 7:38pm
Believe me, as an engineer, getting the answer wrong 5 times over before getting the right answer is par for the course. XD

If I had a nickel for every time I made a calculation error...

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PotatoFox8/19/14 10:56pm
If I had a denomination of currency every time I made an error, it wouldn't matter because I would have flown to the wrong country

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BryanDimmsdale8/21/14 2:10am
"Hmm, then maybe the compass must be wrong..."

Seriously though, I think their gun is above human standards or we're not that endured enough. Think about it, for us humans it's like firing a 50 cal machine gun or heavier which packs a kick and weight; but for them, our dream counterparts, it just like an assault rifle or a sub-machine gun which are comfortable and easy on gripping and usage. Another example would be Vi's gun. It'll take six or more men to lift that thing, but for Vi or Ingrath perhaps, that thing is just like firing an m60.

So I guess Dreamkeepers are relatively stronger than us given by their current "thin like body" appearance.

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