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Subscribe to this thread do dreamkeepers dream? created by Kymastrider on November 7, 2014

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Scottieboy202011/12/15 7:25pm
Here's an idea: what if, when they dream, they appear in our world as shadow beings/ghosts?
and likewise for us?

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Lycanphoenix11/13/15 9:59pm
Mace: "Hey Whip, remember those mythical 'humans' Viriathus talked about?"
Whip: "Schnwef!"
Mace: "Yeah. They really are freaky, aren't they? No fur and the like."
Whip: "..."
Mace: "Hey Whip, do you think humans can dream?"

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Prometheus4/17/16 2:31pm
You know, if Dave were to change his mind on the whole dream thing and decided to use it in the next book in the opening pages, it would be awesome to see Mace have a nightmare about what was to come. Possibly a nightmare induced by the spirit as a warning that if he does not succeed or if he does not follow the path laid out for him, he and the entire Dreamworld would burn at the hands of the Nightmares.

I would think it would look something like this:

Seeing that massive explosion in V3 during the Nabonidus and Void battle, I wouldn't be surprised if Void can just vaporize all of Anduruna with one energy attack. Can you imagine the Sabbaton Towers, hundreds of years of construction, inhabited by possibly millions, blown away in the blink of an eye? That would be one hell of a nightmare.

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TalkedSpy4/17/16 6:43pm
Just to be sure, Anduruna is 440 miles wide, right? If that's true, then it would take about at least the shear energy of the Tsar Bomba to wipe the city off the map, maybe even the farm and mountain side as well.

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Prometheus4/18/16 7:49pm

Oh, I'm sure Void can manage that. A being of his level of power could pull that off, I believe.

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TalkedSpy4/20/16 1:57pm

Void could be at God, or Dragon level, if you use the disaster level chart from One Punch Man. He might even be capable of being a planet buster for all we know.

Also, just checked Dreamworld section. The Sky Road wall surrounding the city has a circumference of 440 miles.

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