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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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crazyhead423/5/15 5:45pm
Fixed? No. But thankfully closer. I ran a test (on the green dot) in the "Roleplay - IC Dreamworld" section, and when I tried to darken "The Shockes" it changed the ENTIRE section. Also, this happened when I tried to do it from the main forum page.

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DanWithTheHat3/5/15 6:34pm
Yes, its to clear the whole section. That's how it is coded right now. The other thing, I'll check that out to see if its repeatable.

Edit: It looks like hitting the green lights on the main page doesn't work so.. I would avoid that then until it can be fixed.

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crazyhead423/6/15 1:40pm
Um, hey, this kind of stuff has started happening. Firefox was at 90% zoom (Not 100 percent as it normally is) when I grabbed this:

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crazyhead423/11/15 7:22pm
I don't think the system updated for time-change...

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DanWithTheHat3/11/15 7:36pm
The system is not based on time zones so you have to set the time yourself in your account settings. Daylight savings is not built into it.

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crazyhead423/11/15 8:06pm
Oh. Boo! I'll go fix it...

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TruthQuest3/21/15 8:17am
The Vote Button sends me to instead of TWC. Do you know why?

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DanWithTheHat3/21/15 1:33pm
Not sure. It seems to still link to TWC for me...

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