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Subscribe to this thread Woods, Bill, and Damon created by Kymastrider on December 12, 2014

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xodathe4bdn112/6/16 11:32am
Why do people assume the cynic and snarky attitude is the coward
Come on put yourself in his shoes
1)Your brought into a secret organization
2)Told creatures that many believe to be no more than myth are real
3)And this organization is planing to kill a top government official cause he works for them
4)And they have yet to show you not only are real life example of the beasts or the officials involvement with them
Then you'd have to be an idiot to take that at face value when you seen up close and personal the lies and deceptions that govern the city
It'd be hard to trustful after that - and the indigos twins are just biased cause they have this crush on igrath that I don't see happening an time ever cause igrath got that whole grieving widower vibe that can't be replaced by two hot pairs of- any way as the story continues Dave gives each character hidden depths to insure that they are not subjected to any one stereotype and that the character is more complex
I think woods snarky and cynical attitude may stem from a once bright and hopeful person shown the darker parts of reality of living in a city of lies and hypocrisy
What I'd like to see in the next volumes is to look deeper into the three FORMER guards as more than snarky cynic, naive optimist and stoic neutralist

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Kymastrider12/6/16 3:49pm

Honestly It's impossible for me to put myself in someone else's shoes if I've decided I don't like that someone, and I've pretty much made up my mind about how I feel about Woods. He threatened to call the authorities about the assassination plan If I were there I would have handcuffed all three of them and tossed them in a cell as Woods has proven to be a security risk, as for his other two pals I'd want to atleast detain them.

I'm also going to assume they don't have a live nightmare on hand all the time as, really what is your definition of proof as Nainso probably has ways of convincing those who are joining otherwise I don't think anyone would join.

Seriously they don't find it suspicious at all that they know next to nothing about there own world yet alone the land outside their own borders, and Woods thinks the Troika are the crazy ones?

I imagine in the Dreamworld I'd be the sort of Dreamkeeper that doesn't trust the government or authority so it wouldn't take much to convince me to join the Troika. Regardless of whether I believed in the existence of nightmares or not I would still view the Troika as the lesser of the two evils.

I already didn't like Woods before with his Snarky/cynical attitude so of course I'm not going to give him the benefit of the doubt or step in his shoes.

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xodathe4bdn112/8/16 4:16am
I suppose i can understand that
despite recent development and revelations i still right of bast as an ill-tempered, full of himself, violent ass that deserves none of the good vibes girls seem to send his way.

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UltimateBill12/15/16 9:36am

I agree with a lot of your points. I would have locked them up as well. Then again I can also understand the former guards' point of view as well. It must be pretty heavy to go from serving a corrupt government to joining an organization that talks about assassination an hour or so after you wake up.

I also don't care for Woods all that much either. I found his snarky attitude funny at first, but that changed over time. Eventually his sarcasm started to seem pretty mean with some of the things he says to characters. I'm not a fan of how he bullies Bill with comments like "because we like you the least" and "If we get in trouble for this we can blame Bill. He's usually a good sport about that". Then again that could just be my bias talking, Bill being my favorite character.

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Prometheus1/9/17 1:34pm
From what I can tell, the Troika must have known about these three for a while and were hoping they would be fired, just so they can scoop them up and recruit them for the Tinsel operation. I'm sure the guards' distrust was already expected or else the Troika are way more dense than they appear. The guards may hate the government, but I don't think they were willing to be involved in mass assassinations and a possible rebel uprising over what they believed were myths. Even for three federal employees who hated their employers more than their jobs, I don't blame them for being dubious and cautious with a resistance movement they had just joined.

All this, of course, doesn't excuse Woods' behavior. I feel it's only a matter of time before he is given an attitude adjustment By Vi or maybe even Scinter. Him being the heart and soul of the movement, I don't think he'll put up with much dissent from anybody in the group.

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