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Subscribe to this thread Brainstorm created by RennacFaintheart on February 12, 2013

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Thegunner182/17/13 2:33pm
If we were to go with that idea for an RP, what would the general theme/backstory be to it? Why would it be set in the Diony Desert? Why was your last safehouse raided and by who? Whose safehouse was it and why did you have a safehouse?

There are tons of questions that could be asked, but those are a good starting point. :3

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RennacFaintheart2/17/13 8:38pm
Thats the beauty of it, you find out the answers as you go along. All throughout it hints to the reasons as everyone interacts and works with one another.

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Marcus2/17/13 10:33pm
(Im really new so...bare with me x3)

even though Ive just begun to really get into all this, Im really excited for the RP. But I will really need to be filled in on the story and everything. After that, being a writer myself, Id love to pitch in my two cents for the story

~Marcus ^,..,^

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IvyKirax2/17/13 11:09pm
Yeahhhh some of us haven't read volume 3 yet so its going to be a bit of a hurdle there >.>; and like Marcus I'm sorta new myself still after stopping and starting in the DK fandom. Otherwise all the ideas so far I've seen for role plays have been interesting.

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Marcus2/17/13 11:33pm
Ohhh okay, well Im glad Im not the only newcomer here ^^

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IvyKirax2/18/13 1:22am
Technically not a newcomer but haven't delved far into Dreamkeepers for a while :P I was about on the old forum however.

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Avolendi2/18/13 3:04am
If anyone wants some brainstorming ideas, let me know. With a given direction I can usually get some fair concepts thoughts up ^^

As for rules and guidelines, I'll copy the most important threads from the old forum. Although having the option to stick those to the top would be nice.

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Esayo2/19/13 9:54am
I agree with Rennac, the work-as-you-go method can definitely work! I'm in the boat of those who haven't read V3 yet, though |D;;

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RennacFaintheart2/19/13 3:06pm
They do have V3 on ebook at It's pretty cheap, but if you do it on your computer then you need to do it on their site.

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Riftun2/20/13 8:39pm
I've always been really interested in finding out more about the Diony Desert myself XD an rp like this sounds fairly interesting =3

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