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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers Second Life Group created by RennacFaintheart on February 12, 2013

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HazzardousEco4/11/13 11:12pm
@Ivy: You can make stuff like that on 2nd Life? 0o That's neat =)

Awesome looking Ryuu's...any chance will you make a Swamp Ryuu? =P

*insert shameless promotion*

This was actually one of my attempts to create a new sub-species of Ryuu that were called Environmental Ryuu's; Ryuu's that were attuned to an environment as oppose to an element. I really need to get more comissions to bring more attention to that lol

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IvyKirax4/17/13 5:16pm
ok the swamp ryuu will be made o.o I'll get onto that within the next couple days as I got a few more pets to finish off but I intend to do special holiday themed ones as well cause the sim they're currently used in, Ravenlock, can be caught as pets plus we do major holiday themes.

But anyways to get people more into this, I'm gonna open up requests to Dreamkeeper themed pets and perhaps collectibles since it'll also all go back into helping the eventual dreamkeeper sim. So yeah if there's any kind of Ryuu-neko theme or a different creature any of you want to see I'll try my hand at it and post it up in the forum. Granted though should I maybe make a new thread for SL dreamkeeper creation images to be posted to, and to what section? (The Lookit This! section maybe?)

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IvyKirax5/1/13 2:41am
Ok for those who want to get a Ryuu-Neko pet in SL here is a landmark to the sim you can buy them at for the moment until the Dreamkeepers sim is up and running Half of the price goes back to Gyaku and Rennac for funding of the eventual Dreamkeepers sim :P

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Bubz915/21/13 9:10am
now that i am back on and able to post, i will inform you all, we need someone who can make clothing. preferably clothing for the troopers, and a suit that fits on the KZK Western Dragon, i have some very nice ones and all, but they are meant for humans… fedora required lol. anyway. i will be online tonight probably around… 7 pm slt, which is 10 pm eastern, which is where i am. if there is anyone who wishes to speak with me now is the best chance you have to get ahold of me online as idk if i will be online the rest of the week.

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RennacFaintheart9/11/13 10:15am
Thanks Ivy for doing the Ryuu nekos for us. We've been getting a lot of Linden from the purchases. Start working with Bubz to see where we can use it.

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Toleer10/2/13 12:48pm

Am working on customizable power effects... once the halo stuff is done and easy enough to customize (including the strangely popular 'black with X outline'), I will likely move towards making basic powers. First is energy-bolt effects that match your halo color. That should be easy enough.

Update: Dark halo, yay.

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Bubz912/8/14 4:50pm
hey Toleer, im so so sorry i never check this damn forum, rl keeps me away. anyway. im super happy to see your work. and i love love love it!!!!! tell me, can it come in different colors? cause i think id look cool with a red halo. or maybe a purple. idk. my character is a telekinetic.

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RennacFaintheart2/10/14 9:23pm
Agreed! This looks freaking amazing and I cant wait to see the progress you make with the design.

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grdeleo2/13/14 6:16pm
I have heard of second life but it hasn't caught my eye until now. I am thinking of making one. Would it be worth it?

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RennacFaintheart2/14/14 10:55am
To be honest it all depends on what you make out of it for yourself. There are a lot of places with combat simulators if you're into some action, some RP areas, etc. If it's on the internet there is probably a group or area in SL dedicated to it, most likely several for it.

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Toleer3/9/14 8:06am

Yes, it's able to be recolored just fine; I use a white texture for almost everything I make so it can be tinted various colors. A lot of the stuff I was working on is currently on hold because of having to now work on some sci-fi products for someone, but I'll be coming back to this. :3 You can likely poke me for the stuff I have so far, it'll all be perms when done for easy distribution.

In the meantime, woosh gif :3

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Bubz913/10/14 3:34pm
awesome sounds good. once we are able to build said sim, we can set up a vendor for that near the entrance.

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