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Subscribe to this thread Books! created by Kirito on February 9, 2015

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joeden2/21/15 9:08pm
Nice i like History to my favorite Era would be the Crusading era that was an amazing era especcially when you look at it from the start in 634

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TFeathersB2/22/15 2:11am
I have a lot of favourite times in history, it's so hard to choose!

@joeden, what makes you say the crusades started in 637? Yes, that was when Jerusalem was captured from the Romans by the Arabs But the First Crusades didn't start until 1096. That's almost 260 years later and it only started because the Romans begged the pope for help against the Turks.

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wildcard2/22/15 5:05am
I've gotten back into sci-fi again and picked up A Fire Upon the Deep.

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joeden2/23/15 2:51pm
@TFeathersB I'm mostly talking about the reasoning behind the Crusades and the whole thing. The First invasion started in 634 and that's when everything began you can't really understand all the reasoning of why the Crusades happened without knowing what came Prior to it. because if you just look at it from 1095. You have a lot of blank answers like why did they choose then and not sooner or you could make the claim the Europeans where greedy or this and that, yada yada. I know the Crusades officially started in 1095 when Pope Urban made the Call but there was already a load of Fighting that had been going on for years in Spain and north Africa and in the Middle east. Which are just as important as the Crusades themselves.

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RashallVetkay3/15/15 1:03pm
I read a ton of sci-fi and fantasy and most of that is Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. If there is any book series I would recommend it would be E.E. Knight's The Age of Fire series.

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Corvus3/15/15 2:14pm
Been quite some time since I have seen anyone mention The Age of Fire series... To offer a bit more specific of a suggestion relating to it, I would recommend the first 3 books to any Fantasy fan and if you like those the 4th book is a pretty good capstone for the series. The 5th book is iffy at best with its issues. However I would strongly advise against ever reading the 6th as its plot is incoherent at best (which is not helped by the fact that it seems that they didn't feel confident enough in the book to bother hiring an editor or even having someone bother reading the book before they published it), and the fact that it rewrites fundamental aspects of the world its set in without batting an eye.

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Aman37123/16/15 6:43am
I've read the entire warrior cats series along with the Army of Shadows by Matthew Cronan. There was also this amazing graphic novel I read a few years ago that I just can't remember the title.

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