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Subscribe to this thread A Dreamkeepers tabletop RPG created by SandwichPie on February 16, 2015

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BryanDimmsdale9/27/15 7:39am
Well, sort of. I don't know if it's resolved or not, but it's kinda an interesting idea.

If you want to make a rpg game, go for it. You can use this existing game called Armello as the guide if you want:

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Lycanphoenix9/28/15 9:24am
We are mainly thinking Tabletop, like a normal RP but with mechanical rules and guidelines. Things like Attack Rolls, Skill Checks, Ability Saves, etc.

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MobileCrusader9/28/15 3:49pm
It wouldn't be all that hard to homebrew some DK races and fight reskinned demonic/eldrich npcs.

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Lycanphoenix9/28/15 9:46pm
If we were to use either Pathfinder or D&D 5.0 rules, the only real changes to the system would be a removal of spellcasting classes and making all characters gain a single "spell-like ability" every couple of levels, and each one would have to branch off of an earlier one.

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MobileCrusader9/28/15 11:50pm
I like the idea of drawing a random spell on character generation. Prevents people from being too OP.

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BryanDimmsdale9/29/15 7:14am

I'm guessing you haven't checked Armello yet? It is really a digital tabletop game, dude. It's basically an online furry pathfinder. They all have attack rolls (the dice in the video is a dead giveaway), skills checks, objectives or quests, all those stuff.

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Lycanphoenix9/29/15 7:53am
Oh. Well, PF is pretty anthrotastic already; most people I run into are either playing a Kitsune, a Tengu or a Nagaji. A few people I have seen even have boons that let them play Catfolk and/or Ratfolk.

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SandwichPie10/1/15 5:38am
I feel like it is important to establish a 'tone' everyone wants the game to have. Some people may be thinking of a game very logic and stat based such as GURPS, but others may be looking for a calmer game with more emphasis on role play (such as mouseguard).
Personally, I was planning on an RP heavy game, but what do other people want? It would be best to make something the majority of us would like to play.
Also, how combat oriented do people want it? Do you want to struggle to survive combat, (easy to die) or have combat be a more lighthearted engagement? These are all very important questions when considering what sort of system to make.

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Lycanphoenix10/1/15 7:05am
Well, Pathfinder has combat where the players are usually the winners, but often somebody dies, and occasionally EVERYBODY dies. However, despite being tactically-built, Pathfinder is also VERY roleplaying-driven, much moreso than D&D which it was built on.

There are variant rules on the D20 SRD that could be used to make a gritty campaign to further accent Dreamkeeper's "death ain't cheap" and "no Deus Ex Machina for you" vibes.

To keep things relatively balanced (should we base it on Pathfinder), I would probably take out Attacks of Opportunity, instead making a Feat that let you do them as an Immediate Action. I also wanna make a D20 RPG using Hex Grids and Combat Facing, and possibly even Bell Curve Rolls.

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SandwichPie10/1/15 10:09am
Hmm, we do not need to base it of any game. We could create one. My thinking with this is we could make it so the mechanics themselves were created with anthropomorphism in mind and so forth. Games with the mechanics separate to the lore can have a strange dissonance.

Also, who is to say we should just make one TRPG? We could make a couple to suit the different kinds of RPers desires :3

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Badept10/1/15 8:43pm
Homebrewing an RPG takes a lot of work, as I've tried before. The most important thing to know is what the main mechanic is in terms of determining outcomes of player actions. Since Dreamkeepers has both ranged weaponry and something that could be stretched as magic or something similar to magic, I'd say that some kind of dice mechanic would be a good idea. If only for combat resolution. Now, when it comes to that, it could be anything. It's a good idea to keep it simple though.

Powers on the other hand, might need to be worked with. Mostly due to someone making a power that breaks game balance. Dave made a handy chart that the Troika use to classify powers. Here it is:

That could be something to help as a base for powers. There are a lot of options, but I'd say that it'd be a good idea to have GM approval either way. I hope I helped.

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Lycanphoenix10/1/15 9:41pm
Again, on character creation, there would be a list of "Level 0 Powers" that you could choose from. Each time you get a new power, you choose a "Level 1 Power" or a "Level 2 Power" with your choices (on expanding lists) narrowed down by your previous choices, sort of like an advancement tree; if you have a power that lets you use fire; then you can't grab a telekinetic power or teleportation later on. However, you could easily get new Fire-based powers.

Level 0 Example:
- Spark, usable at no cost
- Firebolt, usable at no cost

Level 1 Example (4 times a day)
- Produce Flame
- Burning Hands

Level 2 Example (4 times a day, L1 becomes 5 times a day and you learn a new Level 0)
- Burning Sphere
- Flame Shield

Level 3 Example (4 times a day, L1 becomes 7/day, L2 becomes 5/day and you learn a new L1)
- Fireball

The list of powers you could choose from would be based on what "Domains" you pick earlier on, I guess, like if you pick Evocation and Fire, then you can only pick abilities that are either Evocation, Fire, or both.

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SandwichPie10/2/15 10:38am
Hmm, powers are but a small part of the DK universe, but since we are on the topic, what about power realisation? Many characters may start from a background that had no combat, and will not know their power. I think realising your power could be either:

1) A roleplay moment where a majority of the table vote that it is a good time to learn, or
2) A dice check, one that becomes easier the less hp you have, the longer you have been playing ectů

@Lycanphoenix, I agree. I may not like character levelling for a variety of reasons, but your idea for power levelling seems like it would be fair, and if there was enough options, would not feel too restricting.

I feel like your idea would also merge with Badept's idea really well :3

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Lycanphoenix10/2/15 11:02am
A good example for situation 2:
*nightmare grabs onto your character and tries to suck the life right out of them*
*rolls for Power Realization, gets a Nat 20*
*nightmare just explodes*

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SandwichPie10/3/15 1:35pm
Okay, two more important things to consider:

1) Guns are not like in most lore. The 'springer rifles' work with the bullet containing the propulsion method (a spring). This means that the bullet will define how much damage a shot will do, what effects it will have and so forth; a gun is meagrely a tool to launch/activate the bullet. This makes bullets much more important than the guns, so keeping track of ammo is very important.
And that is where the trouble starts. If anyone has ever played an archer in a mechanics driven TRPG, you will know the pain of trying to remember when each arrow was shot. Rubbing out and replacing the ammo count every single shot. This is impractical, and with guns, not only do you have the issue of how many bullets, but also how many clips and how many bullets are in said clips.
Thankfully, I have came across this problem before, though I could not find and viable solutions in any RPG I found. I have came up with a check-box system, much easier than writing down the number of bullets. There is also check-box on the check-boxes that you tick to show the max bullet cap for that gun's clip. This means you can easily keep track of the number of clips, and the number of bullets in the loaded clip.
I may not have illustrated what I mean very well, so look at the 'gun' section in the image below for a visual reference.
If you have any better suggestions, PLEASE tell me as this is often one of the most flawed parts of an RPG.

2) Species is also a concern. We cannot just have everyone being the next Igrath after all. This one is a bit tricky, because limiting someone's species feels much worse than limiting somebody's power; it feels like you are limiting who they are.
This is why I propose an idea of points. You could have claws that deal melee damage or you could spend those points on some wings instead. If you decide to go with claws, then mebbe you could buy better claws that have +2 damage or something. This was you still have infinite possibilities, but you cannot create a physically overpowered character (as easily).

Still, if anyone has any better ideas, please post them because I want this RPG to be as well built as possible.

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