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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Users created by DanWithTheHat on February 18, 2015

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crazyhead422/23/15 8:25pm
Wait... Bryan, are you suggesting they will be going forum by forum to erase Asora? {:(

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BryanDimmsdale2/23/15 8:29pm
Imo, I think it's the mods who will decide for the best. But I suggest not, not because it is a tedious process, but because there are some of his theories are very, very good, in fact.

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ForgiveMe2/23/15 8:48pm

Bryan..........I am sorry that this happened. Tell them.........don't. I think think this is enough.

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DanWithTheHat2/23/15 8:56pm
We aren't going to go through the forum and delete him from existence. The only stuff that will be deleted will be anything that gets posted by an Alt account.

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TFeathersB2/24/15 4:46pm
I feel sorry for Asora, but this had to be done. I just hope he's finally learned his lesson and we can all move on from this.

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ezioauditore972/25/15 5:42am
It's unfortunate,but he forced the forum into a decision and that was his fault ultimately.

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WiseOwlReader2/25/15 6:23pm
I haven't posted for a time regarding this entire blow-up caused by Asora. Heard about what went down, so Asora's now been banned? Kinda have to admit, he was fun at first, but it started to get irritating after a time, especially during chat sessions.

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AlextheTeknian2/26/15 7:12am
Im aware of what happened to Asora and read all that happened for him to deserve a banning. doesnt surprise me he crossed the line eventually from his hyperactive bad behaviour escalating to that point. Good thing I ignored him as I noticed more how he behaved in the forum, but I do feel sorry for you forum members who had to deal with Asora. I hope now the forum will be a better place and that a lesson was learnt, thats all I have to say of this topic and my point of view, if I was rude in some way I apologize and I will edit, but I indeed didnt like Asora.

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