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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Kymastrider4/12/16 8:29pm
@Joedon so what is your next response?

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joeden4/13/16 5:51pm
sorry been busy.

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Kymastrider4/30/16 6:28pm
it's been awhile since anyone's said anything.


Are you still in the RP?

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Javelin5/5/16 8:55pm
I seemed to have lost my urge to continue but I might gain it tomorrow

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Edwardteach2/2/17 11:47am
hey all its been a while

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joeden2/2/17 9:52pm
Yeah long time no see

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Edwardteach2/3/17 6:41am
yea, i remembered this, after i quit being so busy, so how is all?

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joeden2/3/17 7:21am
fine mostly playing wow waiting for RPs to continue and not be dead

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