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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Kymastrider3/2/15 5:58pm
I sort of wanted to start an RP that took place in the Talocan district. I haven't really set up a backstory yet but with its colorful setup and rich environment I think it would be a good for an RP, I haven't decided what a good plot would be, weither it be a group of friends out partying for then getting caught up in the escalads of a certain street gang, I haven't really RP'd before just to let you know

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Aman37123/2/15 6:02pm
I'm very much down with this idea! I'd gladly join!

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Kymastrider3/2/15 6:20pm
its nice to know atleast one person will participate, it anyone wants to throw in some ideas on what to ad to the foundation or what would work as a good opening narration im all ears, I probably write it sometime this week, depending how im feeling after work.

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Aman37123/2/15 6:27pm
I like the idea of a group of friends a lot, since it's something that'll allow the characters to interact and develop with each other. As for the story, I can imagine it being about the adventures of these friends as they party, interact with other characters, run into trouble with baddies, and have a blast while doing it.

BTW, heres my character sheet.

Name: Kyle Ma'Joi

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Clothing: He wears a green tank top along with multi pocket brown pants, a brown travel backpack, and green and brown beads on his wrists and around his neck.

Physical Description: He is a blue jaguar with yellow eyes and a scar on his chest.

Powers/Skills: Kyle have the ability to absorb kinetic energy, the energy possessed by any moving object, through physical contact and can utilize it for combat purposes. From absorbing kinetic energy, he can strengthen his attacks, tear holes in walls with a simple touch, and can even turn an object's potential energy into kinetic energy, making it explosive. However, Kyle can only absorb kinetic energy through physical contact and is unable to absorb kinetic energy while being restrained or incapacitated. Also, while absorbing energy makes Kyle stronger and makes his attacks hit harder, he is not invulnerable to damage. Kyle has a Maya Blue halo when using his powers. Kyle is also very athletic and quick on his feet, making him an annoying opponent to anyone. That, plus his ability to absorb/use kinetic energy, makes him a very dangerous.

Traits: Kyle is a very rambunctious and carefree keeper. Being as friendly as he is, he is very social and loves to interact and make friends. However, because of his simple minded nature, Kyle can be reckless and prone to make foolish decisions. His simple minded nature however makes him fearless, even from death. Kyle is an adventurous type and loves to explore; he loves a good challenge and finds change exciting. He also loves to fight, using his agility and playful nature to his advantage. Kyle will never back down from a fight, regardless of his physical condition.

District: The Margate District, but moved to the Talocan district to live with his close friend, Renard, since Kyle couldn't afford to live in his old home due to financial difficulties.

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CoolCoyote3/3/15 8:52am
I might be interested in joining. What kind of danger were you guys thinking on giving our characters? O.o

Wide sweeping conspiricies or something simpler?

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Kymastrider3/3/15 3:22pm
Well lets brainstorm some ideas before we get started. Here's a description of the Talocan district as taken from the map of anduruna section.


The Talocan district’s citizens are recognized as fun loving and outgoing, with quick tempers - impromptu duels were historically done with chalk knives, and treated seriously - but friendship and reconciliation would spring forth just as rapidly, erasing animosity. Fabled for their fun-loving and exciting personalities, the Talocan district possesses architecture rich in color and ornamentation, with abstracted, graphic animal sculptures mixing with terraced pyramidal stonework. Gifted with generous coastlines and a tropical ocean current, yet protected from the southern storms by protruding Margate, Talocan has the most pleasurable beaches of Anduruna. A popular vacation spot for the other districts, one indicator of their focus is the aptly named ‘Party Island’ just offshore.

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Aman37123/3/15 3:50pm
Since the district of Talocan is very much a lively place full of wild/interesting people, the law enforcement are probably often on patrol to keep the citizens from getting too rowdy. With a setting like this however, you could introduce a wild variety of villains. An example being a greedy industrialist wanting to take down a popular dance club to build a new factory, or perhaps a corrupt, high ranking officer who wants to enforce the laws in the Talocan district through radical means.

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CoolCoyote3/3/15 4:05pm
We could certainly use some non nightmare villains :) not that I have anything against using nightmares as villains >:)

If I join I will use either Dylan Locke or Elena Fritz. Dylan's basic description is in my profile, Elena I will need to pull up from the thread I used her on...<.<

Things have slowed down on my end so I'm able to contribute more to rp, I just cant keep up with super speedy stories XD.

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Aman37123/3/15 5:59pm
I prefer to join RPs when they're just starting up, so that they're easier for me to catch up in.

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Kymastrider3/3/15 6:07pm
Right well when you can think up some good details let me know or email, and I can add it to the opening narration, I still don't know much about role playing, but I was thinking of starting up with our group running into each other going to a certain nightclub, and we can sort of work where the story goes from there.

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Aman37123/3/15 6:21pm
I like that idea, since it'll fit with the theme of the RP. If I get any ideas, I could PM you about them. Also, if you want to know more about RPing, I could teach you. :)

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Corvus3/3/15 8:51pm
Hmm... Doubt I could contribute much as a player as my schedule puts me at one or two posts a day max; but if you are looking for a good point to kick off a Talocan District RP, A Wedding is always a good way to go.(at one point I was debating doing an RP that was strictly a Talocan District Wedding)

For Reference: "Talocan marriages are traditionally large, sprawling celebrations involving as many relatives, friends, and associates as possible. The festivities can often spread throughout the area, and may involve the rental of multiple adjacent buildings. Guests arrive throughout the day - in costume. Invitations are largely superfluous. Anyone who knows the couple will surely arrive, as well as any individuals wandering about and looking for a good time. Weddings in Talocan are not exclusive affairs - they are closer to anything-goes community block parties, where anyone may join in the mix. Often marriages will be planned to fall within the Harvest Festival, amplifying the celebratory chaos. Everyone must wear a mask or disguise of some type, including the groom and the bride. As the celebration grows on into the evening, it is the goal of bewedded to find and identify one another in the midst of the celebration. It's a ritual that involves much fun, trickery, and performance. Some guests may aim to impersonate the groom or bride, seeing if they can dupe the searching betrothed into unmasking the wrong person. No food is served until the betrothed find one another, but until they do, there is an open bar feeding fermentae into the crowd. Therefore, depending upon how hungry or how thirsty some guests are, they may try to help or hinder the search. After a day of tricks, intrigue, and celebration, the wedded find one another and the party comes to a climax as they exchange vows, and everyone feasts."

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Aman37123/5/15 4:37pm
I like that idea :)

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CoolCoyote3/6/15 10:10am
It would be a good setting. Lots of openings for potential plot threads. Murder mysteries, thievy stuff, action etc etc.

It also allows an opening for characters to join in with out knowing everyone else, and also gives characters an easy reason to be there.

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Aman37123/6/15 1:55pm
Gosh I'm cant wait to start this XD

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