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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Aman371212/10/15 6:46am
I really wish i could keep up with this RP, Ireally do. But this has gone so out of control that I just can't keep up. I'm really sorry, but I'm afraid that I'll have to quit.

Just asume that Kyle and Renard decided to leave the Torika and set out to uncover the secrets behind Renard's parents. It'll be a lot better than having them die. But yeah, I'm really sorry everyone; this RP has been so much fun! But with everything that's going on, I just can't keep up.

(I'm not leaving the forums, I'm just leaving this RP XD))

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Javelin12/11/15 2:34pm
I'm to blame because I was unexpected

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Aman371212/11/15 2:46pm
Don't blame yourself, you're a great guy :)

Besides, I've had trouble with this RP to begin with, so leaving would get a lot of weight off of my shoulders for other (future) RPs.

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Javelin12/11/15 7:11pm
Well, thanks
I hope your future RP's are going to be awesome!

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Aman371212/11/15 7:22pm
Thank you :)

And I hope you enjoy a good party at the Talocan :)

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Javelin12/11/15 11:55pm
I did indeed!
It was fun bashing thug rejects and I hope later in the future ill be able to charge at a squad of officers or shocks or even tango with the rhinos that hulls around shock trooper squad carts that would be an awesome challenge! :D

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Aman371212/12/15 7:06am
I can imagine!

I was also thinking about starting a gang related RP in the future. If you want, you could join when its ready :D

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Javelin12/12/15 7:39am
Ok sounds awesome! :D

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Badept12/14/15 9:43pm
Sorry for being gone for so long, people! Exams are finally over.

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Kymastrider12/17/15 6:14pm
OK, at the state things are going I think this RP is pretty much done. since to many people participating are now to busy with there personal lives and are unable to keep track of current events, I think it's either time to end this RP or maybe do a reboot with anew story, and those still interested in participating can join in the reboot RP with anew story.

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Javelin12/18/15 6:05am

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Kymastrider12/18/15 6:24pm
alright well I dont want to start this reboot story until I know who's going to be onboard, and also what the subject should be this time around, if we want to do something similar to the first or take it in awhole new direction.

(that is unless the people from before are still interested in participating in the current party down in talocan storyline)

Also I know the cooking with another is suppose to be like a prequel story, however since Kyma didnt meet most of these characters until the events of party down in talocan I dont know how I could ad him in without creating retroactive continuity.

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Aman371212/20/15 3:55am
I feel that the main issue with this RP was that it had too many elements in it. Like, it started as a basic story about a bunch of teens in the Talocan District, fooling around and just having an adventure. But suddenly the Torika get involved in everything and, suddenly, we're dealing with Nightmares and other baddies.

For the reboot story, I feel that it should strictly stick on one theme.

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Kymastrider12/20/15 8:58pm
oh wait someone actually posted on the RP, OK well if anyones still onboard for the current RP then I guess I can hold off the reboot for now. I'll read it in the morning and post what's currently going on for the 8th time.

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Javelin12/20/15 11:05pm
So once are character are all together or most of them, may I tell a little back story as to how I came to be?

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