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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Kymastrider12/21/15 6:29pm
right the current state of the story is, me and javelins character are with the medivac team and wear hear a sounds in another room.

Jamie is with his brother and some kids locked in some room with a nightmare on the other side.

and Alej and Edward are together somewhere at the moment.

Right has everyone got that. I think the next part should be finding out whats on the other side of javelins door.

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Kymastrider12/27/15 12:39am
Right well for those who read Vol-4 already, and I'd say these arent really huge spoilers since it's just additional information about the Troika.

But for officers on the field they can sent out a retrieval pod made of flow wood to the location of operatives (I assume by there tracker or come) and they hold onto one of the eight limbs of the retrieval pod before it's teleported back to HQ. It's probably an important thing to remember in our story for whoever decides to go back, that we could escape a nightmare quickly and receive medical attention upon returning to HQ.

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Kymastrider1/7/16 9:15pm
Right well at the current state of the story it looks like me Jamie, and javelin will have to teleport out of here quickly on the retrieval pad.

However since Alej and Edward are nowhere in sight it looks like there both going to end up stranded.

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Edwardteach1/12/16 4:00pm
Yea, she just ran with me no where in specific

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joeden1/18/16 10:32pm
I say Kyma the kids and Javilin get out of the room and teleported back to the base things happen there. But for Jamie Alej and Loki, I say Jamie using his power glides into them is surprised and then remembers big ugly and scary and tosses both of them over his shoulders, and as they start to complain they see big ugly coming up behind them snapping its teeth and screeching die die die. While Jamie manages to loose it and then Loki and Alej and an exhausted Jamie, (should he be wounded?) try to find a way out.

P.S Aliens sound fun to anyone?

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Javelin1/22/16 2:47pm
(Kymaster I actually tossed him one of my ballistic knives but I ran back to the teleportor was that ok or should I go back to edit it)

(Joeden is your character Jamie teen or adult?
And weren't their bandits trying to brake in from another door?)

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joeden1/22/16 4:06pm
Jamie is 28 and no it was a Nightmare. I made it clear in my posts it was a Nightmare.

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Kymastrider1/22/16 5:11pm
@ Javalen

You said you ran back to the pad so you dont really have to change anything. Kyma right now is over at the sick bay having his wounds treated.

@ Everyone

I was going to ask if some more people wanted to play the role of troika members at the base, maybe someone could be the Indigo Twins. That way I dont have to do it all myself.


Also if Alej and the othe guy have intercoms, they should still be in contact with HQ and can discuss a rondevew for another retreval pad so they can escape.

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Javelin1/22/16 5:45pm
Is Igraph, Grunn, Scinter, Viriathus, or Nianso there?

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Javelin1/22/16 6:15pm
Should I say that the indigo bar tender gave me the bounty to search the warehouse as a misc mission or do they keep the missions secret
Or I could just say I got the assignment from some other source which ever way is fine in the story or I can just say that I was in the warehouse scavenging about

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Kymastrider1/24/16 7:15am
@ Javelin I suppose any of those 5 you mentioned could be there, I havent really specified but you could take on the role of one of them.

To your second question, I suppose you could just say you were scavenging at the warehouse.

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joeden1/24/16 11:22am
Hey Alej wouldn't Alej be surprised that Jami came out of nowhere in a shadowy grim reaper cloak and tossed her and Loki over her shoulder with the Nightmare out of sight?

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Edwardteach1/27/16 12:23pm
hmm, i think i should wake up soon shouldnt i

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joeden1/27/16 1:20pm
Well seeing as how you just got tossed over Jamie's shoulder yea and i'm waiting for you're response before I post.

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Kymastrider1/27/16 3:11pm
Does Alej even know how to use the headless room? every time she does have a question about the IP she usually ends up responding on the IP thread with a bracket.

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