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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Javelin1/28/16 5:30pm
Should I start a bit of a ruckus in the med bay? Or should I listen to the doc?

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Kymastrider1/28/16 5:53pm
I was going to wait for Alej's response before doing anything else

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Javelin1/30/16 9:29pm
is it the forth era right now or the third?

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Kymastrider1/31/16 12:09am

I dont really understand your question, I imagine our story takes place at the same time or around the same time as the GNS

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Javelin1/31/16 9:44am
my questions about how old Javelins equipments is

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Javelin2/3/16 7:25pm
@Joeden Should I continue or do we wait for @Kymastrider

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joeden2/3/16 7:35pm
Continue? Meaning what I don't believe your character is with mine Alej's and Edward's but me Ed have characters at the Troika base. If you want to interact with them.

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Javelin2/3/16 8:49pm
Oh no I meant to bring everyone a bit close so the storyline doesn't get severed and sorry that we got off at a bad start I'm terrible at socializing I just got a bit too excited

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Kymastrider2/8/16 8:26pm
alright thought i'd ask.

@Joeden, I imagine your probably going to be taking the role of Jamie's little brother's perspective at the Troika base?

@Everyone, I imagine we'd need some other's playing the role as people at the Troika base, but I imagine first we should work on how Jamie Alej and the other are getting back.

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joeden2/8/16 8:44pm
I am and I was thinking once Jamie gets to the surface with Alej and Loki (unless Edward quit) I was going to have Jamie call Edward and then the Transporter could do a double hop real quick.

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Javelin2/8/16 10:56pm
And would I be fighting Vi if I refused to stay around like in berserk where Griffith wants Guts to join the band of the hawk which Guts refuses and challenges Griffith again which ends in Griffith dislocating Guts arm forcing him to stay and fully rest

So my characters fighting style would be a line man offensive which would be a stupid but would be an overwhelming attack force involving body mass and aggressive flailing attack with his arms and Vi can handle a stubborn ass with her hand to hand combat training and flexibility to out maneuver Javelin could I take on the role of Vi?

Well if you goes want me to just play it cool and not act hostile and stay its fine :)

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joeden2/12/16 2:31pm
I don't think reenacting a scene from that movie is really a good thing, also if Javelin isn't a member of the Troika how will he know how to get out of the place or how to get back to the city? I don't believe their base is inside the city unless its disputed somewhere in the comic.

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Javelin2/12/16 6:21pm
@Joeden Meh your right

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joeden2/14/16 7:08pm
Hey Kyma you going to post to get things moving at the Troika also anyone seen Ed?

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Kymastrider2/14/16 8:00pm
had some stuff on my mind lately, I respond sometime tommorow.

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