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Subscribe to this thread Whip created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Kirito2/11/15 11:58am
It doesn't seem to have a human species, but we can always ask Dave. Welcome to the forums, by the way =)

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crazyhead422/11/15 12:37pm
Huh... Tinsel has tinsel like deadly hair, Whip has a whip tail... are their names connected to their powers somehow? (or powers to their names.)

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SandwichPie2/11/15 2:01pm
Thanks Kirito ^_^
Anyway, and interesting thing about Whip is that he pretty much made up his own language (Possibly due to an inability to say certain sounds like many animals have.). I assume Mace can speak it too, unless the sound of the language is very hard for him to do; but then I also have to wonder why he does not teach the language to other people. Maybe Whip distrusts everyone, or maybe Mace just likes being the only one who can speak to him and keeps the language a secret. I seriously doubt people have never asked about the language.

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Kirito2/11/15 2:11pm
Well, Only mace can understand Whip, and they probably keep the language under lock and key so Whip can give Mace valuable info without alerting other people.

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Kymastrider2/11/15 2:39pm
First thing I think Whip's appearance is based on a Kangaroo Rat

Second sort of think Mace has some sort psychic link to Whip that allows only him to understand what he's saying, sort of like in a boy and his dog.

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crazyhead422/17/15 11:29pm
O.O I just had an idea! Okay, so there's this speculation that Whip has telepathy, right? So, here's my idea: Whip has always been using his power, since before the story began. It's why only Mace can understand him. Now, you are and have been thinking "Wouldn't he have a halo?", and you're right, Whip would have a Halo. BUT would that halo be visible?

I mean think about it - IF whip has telepathy, why couldn't he, say, hide his halo? IF someone looks where his halo is, they completely miss it. Why? Because TELEPATHY! If Whip could fool everyone within his range into believing there wasn't a halo there, no one would ever be able to tell because they've been mind-washed into believing there wasn't one!



Okay, because this is cheesy, I don't want it to be right, but it could easily be anyway.

So, we have a small number of roles.
Namah: rebellious, good at thinking her way through and out of situations, physically inclined, very active young Dreamkeeper.
Lilith: Brilliant, studious, well liked Dreamkeeper who knows much about everything and is good with a library. Only person known to be able to control or command Namah.
Whip: Telephathetic young Dreamkeeper who does not necessarily have to be near any climbable surface nor any ground. Power range: unknown. Heritage: unknown.
Mace: Escape artist. Important to Whip for reasons unknown. With Whip since birth. Skilled thumbs. Plenty of street smarts and ability to get what he wants when he wants it, most of the time.

Now, let's just say I'm right about all of these guys. That means Whip could potentially be in everyone's heads at once. What exactly does that mean? Potentially, that Whip can see and speak to all of them at once, but has not revealed this power. It also could potentially mean that Whip is a key object in the future battles. His heritage is unknown, and he is rather strange for a Dreamkeeper, so there is no full gaurentee that he is JUST a Dreamkeeper.

Now for the cheasy, perhaps unfounded conclusion to the story:

Whip is slowly taking into him the lives and experiences of everyone he meets. He combine's Namah's caftynes and athletic prowes with Mace's street-smarts and adds in Lilith's knowledge of all things relevant. Then he redistributes that, ether by taking over everyone at once, or by downloading it into EVERYONE'S brains, giving everyone the break from Andruna's crushing safety pads which they need to fight back the Nightmares.

Do with that what you wish, but <i>I</i> get cited.

Edit: Oops. That got long. At least I tied it back in the end? Maybe I should make a thread in Story Discussion called "Disturbingly Likely Theories (hopefully) Never to Come to Light"

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SandwichPie6/29/15 8:14am
Honestly, I think the whole thing about Whip not speaking English is a lot simpler than we are theorising. Animals sometimes try to speak human languages in the real world, but they cannot do it successfully because they do not have adequate voice boxes. Most DKs can speak with ease, because they are all quite anthropomorphic, they have human physique; Whip doesn't. I think he knows English just fine, he still has normal intelligence and learning capabilities, he just cannot speak like the other DKs because his biology does not allow it.

I theorise that what he says is our language, just _very_ garbled and warped, and only somebody who has been with him his entire life (presumably) can make sense of what he is actually trying to say. It is like how we may not be able to understand a thick accent one little bit, but after a long time we start to learn it.

This would also explain why Mace does not speak in Whip-talk; there is no need. People don't tend to actively sound less understandable just because their friend has an accent, that would be rude. And, of course, the sounds Whip makes may not be pronounceable by human-ish biology, so that they are foreign and hard to understand, thus the DKs relate it to English even less.

Anyway, that's just my take on it, could be wrong but that is the fun of fan-cannon.

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