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Subscribe to this thread Whip created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Kobalt952/12/13 5:25pm
Foof... That is all.

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Tricky2/13/13 2:02am
He's just lucky Grunn can't understand him.

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ListenLoudly3/1/13 4:34pm
Honestly, when I first started reading, I thought Whip was just a pet that Mace had taken in at some point. And then I read vol 1 and saw the school's file on Whip and Mace: Whip is a tiny DK that can barely speak! They really do come in all shapes and sizes.
P.S. I hope his power is fire-breathing.

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WingedDancer3/1/13 8:17pm
Isn't his power supposed to be telepathy? Maybe it has something to do with how he floats.

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ezioauditore973/2/13 8:11am
Wouldn't there be a halo over his head then?I am thinking that since Troika runs the orphanage maybe their companionship is not for a random reason......

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ListenLoudly3/2/13 1:21pm
Right! What ez said. His flying is probably a secondary ability, like Wisp's flying or Namah's sticky fingers. His actual power could be something completely different. And his halo would show if he were using his power. Maybe some DK's wear big hats so they can use their powers in secret.

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CalvinCopyright3/2/13 2:21pm
OMG, you are right; Ravat's halo went into the beam.

Now I'm thinking that some of those Sacrare priests are dark DKs in disguise!!! Look at those hats!

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ListenLoudly3/2/13 2:38pm
Yeah! We need to be suspicious of any characters with big hats! Or anyone standing in a place with a low ceiling! Or lady's carrying things on their heads!

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Animefan183/3/13 1:02am
big hats now who would we- mother of god... LADY GAGA'S A DARK DREAMKEEPER ! ! !

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DanWithTheHat3/3/13 10:58am
SPOILER ALERT!! Nabonidus is Lady Gaga!!!

Now on the topic of Whip, do you think we'll ever see other DKs like him? He is the only DK we have seen so far that is that small and speaks "Foof". I'm sure he would love to find someone who is like him and can relate to him other than Mace.

Ezio - I also think that their partnership was intentional by who ever placed them together at the orphanage. It seems too much of a stretch to think that it was just a coincidence that Whip ended up at the same orphanage with the one DK we know of that understands him.

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Gloves3/3/13 12:23pm
I thought Mace being able to understand him was less innate ability and more that they've known each other for so long. Like your friend that talks funny that nobody else can understand, except instead of random noises it's a funny dialect or weird slang, y'know?

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ListenLoudly3/3/13 2:47pm
Yeah, I assumed the same as Gloves. I thought Mace and Whip had spent so much time together (with relatively little else to do) that Mace had picked up on Whip's language.
Whip can understand DK language, but he can't speak it. Does that mean that he's lacking something in his mouth, like a muscular tongue or something? Just like he doesn't have thumbs?

Also, @Animefan18, I KNEW IT.

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DanWithTheHat3/3/13 7:12pm
That actually makes a lot of sense. I would think that a physical limitation would be the only thing stopping him from speaking actual words as he understands everyone else clearly. If they did develop this language together over time to communicate with each other, then Whip and Mace are really smart. Whip says some sophisticated sentences.

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ezioauditore973/3/13 7:44pm
Mace is a clever guy and although he is for the most part illiterate he and Whip are actually fairly intelligent,hence why they are still alive!

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DanWithTheHat3/3/13 8:54pm
I wouldn't say Mace is illiterate. There are many instances in the GNS where he is reading something. Its unclear whether Whip can though.

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