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Subscribe to this thread Whip created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Salahir2/26/14 3:52pm
I read somewhere, that his flying is a sideeffect of his power telekinesis. But I dunno if that's still right.

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MobileCrusader2/26/14 4:22pm
but if hes using his power to fly, why is there no halo?

or is it just so minimal an effort that he doesnt need very much power to keep it going?

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JackyV2/26/14 4:36pm
He could be a extremely strong in his telekinetic abilities. Maybe thats why Nabonidus wants him too.

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Salahir2/26/14 4:49pm
I dunno how free the abilities are with side effects. Vi is incredibly strong without a halo. Maybe Dreamkeeper abilities come with side effects without a halo if they're strong or extremely uncontrolable.

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MobileCrusader2/26/14 5:04pm
Sounds like one of the things only time will show us.

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CalicoYorki3/4/14 10:26am
To clarify, or at least attempt to clarify:

Dreamkeeper halos do not always manifest in the same ways, and not as clearly.

For example: When Lilith first used her Power in self-defense, her halo was vividly lit, and she was able to drain Smiley of the entirety of his life force, at the cost of fainting. Namah first activated her Power with a very transient, colorless halo, and had she not over-exerted herself to the point of near collapse...Well, she wouldn't be able to beat an adult, trained Power user, but she would at least be a very serious threat to Tinsel.

My theory - perhaps as a component of the earlier theory, in which Whip has been trained and assigned to protect Mace - is that Whip is barely using a fraction of his Power, whatever it may be. So, his halo is present, but it is being used at such a low fraction of its true potential that it seems to be some kind of side effect. Then again, this theory is weakened and perhaps discounted by Mace's account that Whip, and I paraphrase: "Just jumped around a lot when we were little, and eventually started to not come down." So, it could be that Whip has perhaps subconsciously awoken his Power, but similarly to what appears to be the case with Namah, his halo is practically non-existent because he is not using anywhere near its full potential. Thus far, among the Dream Team, we have three clear-cut examples:

Lilith: fully-lit halo, physically killed a Nightmare, fainted afterwards
Bast: dimly-lit halo, could only produce a small spurt of flame, managed to continue evasive action
Namah: transparent halo (basically a distortion in the air), stunned a trained Dark Dreamkeeper, exhausted to the verge of collapse

So, Whip could be exercising a by-product of his Power. Or, he could be tapping into such a tiny fraction of it that the halo is nigh impossible to detect.

I could be right, I'm probably wrong. Will Whip turn out to potentially be the strongest Power user in the primary cast? I think we all know the answer:


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MobileCrusader3/4/14 10:36am
Well, if Mace and Whip share some sort of power pool, I could see it being huge.

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Salahir3/4/14 12:12pm
Quote: "However, a visual signature clearly marks any dreamkeeper tapping into their power: an ethereal, unmistakable halo. The more focused control and intensity a dreamkeeper applies to their power, the brighter and more distinctively their halo will emanate."

This explains the different brightness of the halos. So even if you're emanating an extremely powerful effect, it will just show a dim halo if you evoke the power intuitively or unconcious. It is a mark of control, not of power level.
Whips flying ability may come from his power, but using it completely intuitive, it emits no halo.

The second possibility is that 'physical treats' beside the unique power may be more supernatural and not bound be the rules of our physics. Well, we dun have wings, horns, tails and the like. Why should hovering around not be a physical treat in Anduruna?

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MobileCrusader3/4/14 12:29pm
Its shown to be out of the normal since Lilith questions why it happens. If it were a normal thing, she would have just accepted it without question.

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JackyV3/4/14 3:47pm
Plus he didn't start out flying if it was a physical trait he would a have probably have shown signs of it from birth.

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Prometheus3/4/14 8:03pm
Well, if I recall, his Power was originally planned to be telekinesis. I'm sure levitation falls under telekinesis in some way.

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Korangar3/5/14 4:48am
May be he is a hybird of Ryuu-nekos ?

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Salahir3/5/14 6:09am
And which Ryuu-neko is able to levitate? ;) No, I fall back to my first idea, that his unconcious use of levitation doesn't emit a halo, but it's part of his power.

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MobileCrusader3/5/14 6:38am
At this point I have to agree. The only thing that makes sense is it is some sort of secondary or tertiary ability that comes from his power.

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SuperTurbo43/5/14 9:56am
Does anyone expect Whip to form a rivalry with Cuddles?

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