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Subscribe to this thread Whip created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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MobileCrusader3/5/14 11:11am
Maybe, if they are both using their adorableness to garner attention.

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SuperTurbo43/5/14 12:15pm
I can imagine.

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MobileCrusader3/5/14 1:18pm
Whip wants Lilith, Vincent was there first, blood feud ensues.

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SuperTurbo43/5/14 1:43pm

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Salahir3/8/14 10:41am
About that levitating again. We speculated that it has something to do with his power, but maybe levitating is a rare physical ability though. Remember Wisp. She levitates freely around, but her power is some kinda mirror images.
Or is it a proof that someone can have combinated powers?

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GodofVelcro3/9/14 7:10pm
If I recall, correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Wisp's halo appear when levitating as well? She might have both the mirror image power and levitation, and Whip might just use so little of his power to have a near-invisible halo.

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TruthQuest3/9/14 8:20pm
No no no she phases into separate selves by making herself less dence than air, this is also how she fly's trough air and moves through solid objects

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Salahir3/10/14 6:35am
Oh, kay, where did you get that? Sounds plausible, but I never thought this outside the box.

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MobileCrusader3/10/14 7:00am
I have to say that does sound like it could be it. She splits her body and mind into bits, but only has an original pool to work with.

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GodofVelcro3/11/14 5:34pm
We should ask Dave tomorrow. He must have something to say about it.

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MobileCrusader3/12/14 5:49am
Yes, that's a good plan.

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SuperTurbo43/12/14 6:56pm
I think we may have gotten off topic here.

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SuperflatPsychosis3/12/14 8:38pm
One un-derailed thread, coming right up!

I know it's been established by Dave and Liz at least a few times before that Whip's little squeaks are just made up on the spot and don't have an exact translation, but I always thought it'd be neat if he was speaking in runes this whole time.

Also, I think his floating abilities are a result of some passive power...shenanigans. I'm looking forward to the official explanation behind them ^^

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MobileCrusader3/13/14 8:30am
As are we all. Vol 4 will probably be q treasure trove for us all.

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Salahir3/13/14 11:06am
Runes? That sounds a bit cryptic. Maybe a bit mystical for a happy guy like him ;) Levitations as shenanigans? A freakin trickster attraction for women? That's it! Whip is like Loki :D

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