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Subscribe to this thread Whip created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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MobileCrusader3/13/14 1:37pm
what if Whip is actually a nightmare trickster spy and no one but him and Nabonidus know?

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WiseOwlReader3/13/14 2:13pm
Nah, I disagree with that. Considering our previous theory about Whip and Mace, there was one thing I noticed about them if you contrast them. Mace has bad luck with girls, while Whip has girls eating out of the palm of his hand at the drop of a hat. Maybe in some sort of way, Whip is an extension of Mace's inner desire, or could be a secondary manifestation of his powers.

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MobileCrusader3/13/14 4:57pm
My headcannon is that Whip is Mace's familiar. I just was throwing out ridiculous ideas.

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Prometheus3/13/14 5:36pm
Whip as a sleeper agent for the Nab? Since he was a child, no less? That... would be pretty twisted.

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WiseOwlReader3/13/14 6:57pm
That'd be a scary thought. His betrayal would break Mace.

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Trubbol3/22/14 1:25pm
MaceXWhip forever!

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MobileCrusader3/22/14 7:26pm
Mace x Whip OTP.

Lol... That would be really weird honestly.

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WiseOwlReader3/28/14 10:12am
...that image disturbs me greatly.

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MobileCrusader3/28/14 2:23pm
If my theory turns out to be correct, it would be like... Selfcest. If that's a thing...

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Trubbol4/5/14 2:43pm
I wanna draw it, should I draw it? SFW

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MobileCrusader4/5/14 5:20pm
Do it. The cuddles need to happen.

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GodofVelcro4/6/14 10:12pm
I am attempting to prepare my mind for this.... nope, not going to happen.

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MobileCrusader4/7/14 5:16am
It will be beyond anything you could prepare for.

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Trubbol4/19/14 12:44am
These characters are hard!

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MobileCrusader4/19/14 2:53pm
I'm sure you can do it! It needs to be done!

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