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WiseOwlReader3/19/15 6:27pm
Full Guide to the Loops:

Here's the Link to the Infinite Loops Page:

http:// tvtropes .org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/TheInfiniteLoops

I did not Start this. Someone else did it way before I did, I just decided to write my Own for Dreamkeepers. Innortal on Fanfiction .net did this way before I did, this idea is credited to him/her.

Nobody knows how the loops happen, at first.

They tend to involve a complete reset to the start of the “series” in question. Only Loopers keep their memories.

One Looper is the “Anchor”, which means the first one to loop. Others will eventually start to join Mace and retain their memories as well.

The reset isn’t always perfect. Sometimes a loop’s history is different to the “prime” loop or canonical plot, this can be played with.

Crossover or Fusion loops occur at random, this can involve, say Naruto replacing Whip and spending time in the Dreamkeepersverse.

Vacation loops are where the Anchor or others decide to let off steam and relax and there is little to no attempt to change the timeline.

Loop duration is variable and associated with the series in question.

Since the Dreamkeepersverse is largely unknown beyond volume 3 at the moment, it might be fun to play with future possibilities.

Now, the original loopers: Lina Inverse, Ranma Saotome, Shinji Ikari, Harry Potter and Naruto Uzumaki.

Note: All loopers are mind boggling crazy from repeats.

Have fun, and buckle in for the ride.


All things considered, Sarcare had never entered Mace’s mind over the course of his life.

Religion wasn’t something he liked to contemplate. Nor was philosophy or life’s one true meaning. He took it as it rolled and roll he did.

Mace hit the floor and did not roll, but coughed, dusting himself off. “And stay out, kid! Don’t come into our offices ranting an’ raving.”

He glared at the manager of the Social Services branch. He was starting to consider some divine intervention in his life. It seemed the only explanation for repeating his life when he was as a kid, then as a teenager.

He sighed and rose to his feet, dusting himself off. Even if he kept on trying, the Troika would circumvent the situation and Grunn’s ‘Orphanage’ would continue to function.

Deciding he needed a distraction, he came to the conclusion that he needed something all children needed to do at least once in their lives:



Mace slammed his fists over and over against the wooden floor, tears flowing. Every damn time. Every time, he failed.

Paige stared her glassy, lifeless eyes at the ceiling, blood splattered throughout the washroom. It didn’t matter how quickly he dispatched the Sandman. Ravat always got to her first.

Feet pounded down the stairs and he knew the others eyes were on him and at the gruesome scene before them behind him. “Someone get Grunn, and tell him I got the murderer-“

Randy. That smug little fucker. He didn’t care. He didn’t fucking care.

His blood burned and he turned swiftly, slamming his knee into Randy’s blueberries before roaring, tackling him into the water below, hands wringing his pencil-thin neck.

An hour later, he was arrested by the City Police and subsequently jailed for power usage, homicide and attempted homicide.


This time, he did a double take. The scenery was different. He was no longer in a jail cell and instead in some booth that moved and rumbled. Outside the scenery went by, green hills and a blue sky with fluffy clouds.

He looked at his hands and his eyes widended. They were instead, pink, five fingers instead of four. Then he felt his face, a new face.

Searching the compartment, he found he had a trunk, a strange wooden stick and a brown-grey bird staring back at him in a cage.

What. The. Hell?

“Excuse me,” a voice spoke up from behind and he whirled, the voice belonged to a boy his age with black, wild hair and green eyes, “you’re new here, aren’t you?”

“What?” Seriously, what was going on?! “What’re you talking about?”

Those green eyes narrowed and studied him. “Tell me…” he spoke after a minute’s silence, “have you been repeating your life recently?”


“So let me get this straight: You’re a Dreamkeeper, an resident of a parallel reality.”


“You were framed for the murder of your best friend you considered a sister and got involved in a conspiracy by Dark Dreamkeepers, and Eldrich Abominations considered myths and legends.”

Nod. Nod.

“…and these abominations want to kill all Dreamkeepers and end life on your world as you know it and the government restricts you guys from using powers to defend yourselves.”

Sigh. Facepalm.

Harry Potter winced at the summation as Mace finished up his explanation of the last few loops, and had nearly gone stark crazy. “I’ll say this, my base timeline was rainbows and kittens compared to all that.”

Mace nodded sympathetically, hand falling to his lap. Harry’s was rather mild in contrast to his own. They fell silent and the train rumbled, countryside blurring by. “So…what now?”

Harry gave a grin and stuck out his hand. “The technicalities can wait, wanna meet my friends? It’s always nice to meet a fellow looper.”

He eyed the offer of friendship tentatively and smiled slowly. Yes. That would be nice.

“Name’s Mace, just Mace.” He shook the hand hard, as if it would disappear forever.


Mace blinked, head shooting up in the sleeping quarters of the orphanage. Thunder rumbled and crashed in the distance. The Sandman. Paige. Ravat. Ravat.

His fingers clenched, a deranged grin crossing his face. Finally. A Dozen loops later and here he was.


He looked up to meet green, innocent, eyes. The wounds he had so longed suffered of the spirit nearly split open. Paige. Sweet, kind, innocent Paige. The sister he had in all but blood.

Her head tilted and she looked tense. “You’re kinda scaring me, Mace. Are you alright?”

Diamond hard will clasped and the prankster adopted a cheerful grin. “Yeah, I’m fine Paige, just thinkin’ about how’d we live as bandits and pirates!”

Paige seemed doubtful, but soused by his enthusiasm. “Okay! I’ll be back in a bit.”

Ravat. He’d be there. Then the Sandman. “You know what, I’ll wash my jacket. How about you come up with a list of places we could go, and decide what duties me and Whip will have as the Margate Crew!”

She blinked once or twice then pondered the idea and nodded. “I’ve got some paper and pencils in my bunk, I’ll be right back. You’ll help Whip!”

The floating Dreamkeeper made a noise then looked at Mace inquisitively. In response, he tilted his head questioningly, and earned a confused look in return. Damn. He wasn’t Awake yet.

Ah well, he could savor Ravat’s curbstomping.

“Go on, Whip, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He stepped out into the storm and made a b-line for Vi’s room, she probably left a few souviners from the Troika before she left.

Ravat crept towards the washroom, hearing the running water. Knife held grip backwards, he opened the door and-

He stared at the barrel of a Launcher Spring Rife at the other side of the room, a shit eating grin on a kid’s face.

He also had approximately 1.5 seconds to utter: “Fuck me.”

Target Locked

Came the cheerful chirp.

An explosion rocked the Orphanage, but was concealed by the worst part of the tempest. The lights above flickered.

“Whip, what was that?” Paige looked up from her list and the one-foot tall Dreamkeeper’s head darted sharply, his much more sensitive ears able to discern noise.

Mace walked back in through the tarp, all smiles, humming as if the day were rays of sunshine. “You guys ready? I got a few things on my way back.”

“Uh, yeah,” Paige held up the list and a duffel bag alongside it, “did you hear the noise though, Mace?”

“Hm. What noise?” he gave a confused look. “Do you mean the thunder? It’s pretty loud tonight.”

“…never mind.” Paige decided it wasn’t worth it to pursue and she put on a raincoat. Whip zipped to his level.

“Wharney?” Of course, he couldn’t lie to his brother, practically. Or the other one.

Mace chuckled, waving a hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later on.” Whip gave him a long, studying look and sighed loudly.

If he had been observing him closely, he’d have seen Mace shaking. The top prankster of the Margate district was laughing his ass off on the inside. He’d been waiting several loops to hand Ravat his own ass on a platter, and it paid off tremendously.

I wonder how Tinsel’ll take this, he thought as the three ventured into the night. Unseen to Whip or Paige, he patted his jacket pocket which hissed, and a blue mist wafted from it.

It'd take days to wipe the grin off his face.

Ravat groaned and collapsed onto the beach, smoke rising from him. Experience had gotten him to activate his powers on a moment’s notice and he had survived the impact, though it drove every bit of air from his lungs and left him with a massive bruise he’d feel in the next few weeks.

“Okay, screw this, fuck it all, Tinsel can take the heat.”


Mace blinked, then dove down the mountainside as Wisp chased him, Lilith and Namah. He had this loop two or three times, which ended in disaster, and now he devised a way to counter her.

Though it was arguably insane, it probably made sense to Wisp.

“-Well, since you bring it up, it’s a long story, actually-“

“Hey you! The strange lady with the wacko eyes and ghosty power!” not one of his best moments, but, hey, it was better than having his head removed from his body like last loop.

Wisp blinked. Apparently she was expecting Terror. Or Hysteria. Or begging. Either in order or one of the three.

“Do you…” he spread his arms “want a hug?”

Even the air seemed to still and Wisp stared. Namah was following suit, although hers seemed to be more of the ‘what the fuck’ variety, she was quite good with expressions. “…What?”

“…I was a jerk to you and I’m sorry, especially the nearly-killing-us part.” It was a gamble, but he’d done some outrageous things, especially to Bast and O’Naicul’s gang. And they fucking worked.

“Wisp…does not understand.” In the valley somewhere, Lilith screamed, then a roar of pain followed. “Wisp will kill you!” Her eyes turned red and her nails sharpened.

“But don’t you want a hug? When was the last time anyone hugged you?” Namah was starting to poke herself. No, the tumble down the cliff hadn’t given her a concussion and following hallucinations. “I want to hug you.”

“You have got to be…” A sniffle. “…fucking kidding me.” Namah finished, voice flat.

Wisp sniffed again and rubbed her eyes. “It’s alright…”

“I’m not crying, Wisp does not cry!” Mace approached and gave her a hug, arms tightening around her abdomen. Yes, Mace hugged Wisp and rubbed her back. The pale white-blue Dreamkeeper wailed and returned the hug, sobbing.

Mace smiled to himself. Spending the last half-dozen loops taking the time to listen, giving him experience and understanding into Wisp’s history, who had been trying for years to get some measure of affection, never noting the fact that Tinsel’s manipulations and Nabonidus’s machinations went on without her noticing.

Namah’s mouth opened and closed. “Er, Namah. What’s…going…on?” Lilith squeaked. Then a shadow fell over her. A tall shadow. So she looked up behind her.

There was her sister, held by the jacket by a walking four-legged mouth. Then her sister took in the truly absurd scene of all of them.

“…Gangrey ah why?!” Whip came down from the air, gesturing wildly at, well, everything.

“Don’t ask me. Please.” Suddenly, Tinsel trying to kill them made a lot more sense than this.


Hugging Bast was out of the question.

He’d either incinerate him to charcoal or punch him into the nearest wall. Whichever suited his fancy. Currently, he considered it’d be the latter since they were in a hallway in a public high school.

He met those yellow-gold eyes, recalling the many loops he went through. Bast was many things. At first, he was an ass. A huge one. But over the loops he was able to infer his background based on the loops that lasted beyond Whip’s hideout in the church.

Just remember, he reminded himself, eyeing the crimson fabric, don’t touch the scarf. “What do you want?”

It was a growl that got him out of thought and he took a deep breath, ignoring the stench, he’d really let things get to him with the Banderfish slime. “My locker. You’re leaning on it. It’s the thing that’s metal and contains all the materials you need for school.”

Oh yeah, and the loops had certainly given him plenty of snark, being exposed to personalities like Harry, Ranma and Darth Vader. Who was a pretty awesome guy if you discounted his irrational hatred for his Son-in-law.

His eyes narrowed. Ice cracks appeared. He didn’t move. “Okay, look, tough guy, I’ve had a shitty beginning to my day and I don’t want pissing you off to be added to the list. I’d also like to avoid being flambéed to a fine crisp and served alongside salad.”

That got a reaction. Bast’s frame locked up rigid, fists clenched at his side. “So move.” He heard soft murmuring a crowd forming but ignored it. “Please.” He added softly.

Bast stared for a long time, then he stepped to the side and Mace smiled gratefully, retrieving his bookbag, out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of green hair, and smiled.

“What’re you all doing here, get to class, all of you!”

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Dreamkeepers3/24/15 12:02pm

First reaction, is wow. Just brilliant. 8 D

I'd never heard the concept of Infinite Loops before, but it's like a goldmine of fun- and you've hit some really good nuggets in here.

The crossover possibilities alone of fantastic- I really got a kick out of Mace meeting Harry, the idea had never crossed my mind before.

The writing itself is great- I love the internal monologue, very good use of 3rd person limited perspective. You do a great job with that perspective, and give us all the fun gifts of first-person.

Nicely put together, really fun scene choices- thank you for sharing, this is a blast!

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Tari3/25/15 5:52pm
This is actually really funny. I laugh at the notion that the loops can restart 'damaged' sometimes making stuff weird or awkward for the anchor.

If anyone saw Edge of Tomorrow...after a while, you just get fed up with trying to save the yelling dumb guy from being squished by the wreckage. :)

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WiseOwlReader3/25/15 9:19pm
Glad to hear the Positive responses and a personal Approval of God from Dave. Here's the next five snippets I've written. I'd love to see what everyone else would come up with if this catches on!


Mace flipped through the book Naruto and Harry had given him, on the front was Vol 36 stamped at the base of it’s title: Looper Guide.

While he’d been given a general introduction thanks to Harry, the two had given him a five-hundred page book which was an in-depth analysis regarding the looping phenomenon throughout the multi-verse.

Yggadrasil, the computer system running all universes suffered an error that the Administrators were still fixing. Thus, they used the loops as a way to prevent the system from crashing entirely. Some of the personal testimony and experiences made him laugh or brought him a measure of disbelief and a few ideas that lightened the prankster spirit in him.

It even expanded upon the types of loops that existed: variants, where small changes lead to a new universe. Fusion loops crossed over universes where one anchor usually joined another. Vacation loops where, citing Equestria as the best out of all of them.

In the back, he found smaller notes that the wizard and shinobi wrote up for him for his first ventures into the larger multi-verse.

Run away from Haruhi, you’re not even safe on the same continent.

Lina Inverse is walking artillery, try and prevent her from causing property damage because absolutely no one will insure her.

Mace grinned, taking out a separate notebook with ideas and scribbled down some notes regarding dealing with the Nightmares, Nabonidus and Lord Void.

He brought out his wand and began to chant under his breath, hidden away in the dunes.


The dining room, if it could be called a room, was silent.

“Yah impuhdent little brat, ah’m givin’ yah one chance, hand ovah th’ coins ah’n I won’t beat yah ta death.” GRunn’s beady eyes narrowed and his frame tensed, hands clenched into meaty fists.

Mace, for all the world, had a lazy air about him, an eyebrow cocked. “Do you know anything regarding child labor and abuse laws?”

Grunn blinked. So did the rest of the room. “Considering you’ve had this ramshackle ‘Orphanage’ in for business for…what? Fifteen, ten years now or so, court charges would have you incarcerated for twenty years, probably life imprisonment.”

He adopted a thoughtful look, scratching his chin. “Let’s see: forced labor in the commercial industry, willful neglect of children also compounds that child abuse charge, and maybe you’ll get off after 40 years on the block, perhaps a double life sentence before you see light again.”

Grunn stared, mouth opening and closing before he began to chuckle and outright laugh, prompting the other orphans to stay away as far as possible from the impending explosion without looking like they wanted to get away.

Mace tapped his foot impatiently, and Grunn came down. “So yah learned a few fancy lahnes from a book yah read, saw what? No one’s coming for you. No one is gonna care for ya brats, bit old outta tha’ system. Now: yah ar’ gonna hand over-“

His teeth grinded against one another, a fire burst in his chest, spreading to his limbs. He hated being reminded what he’d lost, just like Naruto and Harry, and Sasuke.

“Winguardium Leviosa.”

With a flick of his wrist, the wand appeared in hand and in a fluid motion, Grunn floated and slammed unto the ceiling, Mace added a sticking charm into the end and stood, fists on his waist with a smug look.

Jaw dropped collectively and murmurs broke out. “You’re gonna shut up and listen to me once, you overweight walrus.” Grunn had no idea what a walrus was, but no words came out of his mouth as Mace whispered another strange chant. “Despite your…affiliations and group that supports you, I really couldn’t give a shit or pity you, Grunn. In the end, all you are is a bully: a bully that was once a young man with high aspirations and life brought him down in the end, and you decide to take it out on us, all of us because you’re a bitter, porn-loving addict who probably couldn’t hold down a relationship with a woman and finds the porn a better substitute."

The anger burned into the ears of those watching and listening. To Mace, years of abuse and neglect had built up, and ever since these loops, it made him even angrier to hear the baseline’s of other loopers, especially Shinji. “You’re gonna stay up there until I say so. Sound familiar?” he spat before stashing away the wand and turned on his heel.

Upon slamming the door, the window shattered.


When he got bored enough, Mace turned to books.

To make it a little more interesting he even broke into the Sabbaton Towers Library just to stave off the sheer agony of boredom. As according to the guide: boredom is anathema to Loopers, as most went insane.

Still, the effort was worth it because it took half a dozen loops for him to break into the Sabbaton Tower and map out the place as best he could before being arrested for breaking onto public property. At this point, he knew the ventilation ducts, a good deal of the staff rotation and knew the hallways and ducts in half the tower.

He created a few shadow clones and instructed them to canvass the shelves for books relating to ancient wars, Nightmares and city law. Then he looked over to the vault centered in the library, in there, was information on the Archives.

Mace reached into his subspace pocket and pulled out his thieves kit. A smile crossed his face. That one loop into Tamriel was especially useful during his run as a member of the Thieves Guild.


Whenever Mace awoke, it was usually in the orphanage, or during one of his shenanigans involving the school.

He looked side to side, mortified. “Go back to sleep, sweetie…” Lilith nuzzled into his side, clad in a skimpy bikini outfit out of an Arabian dream, so were the Indigo Twins, and Vi in blissful afterglow.

Five minutes later, the CCA was called in to investigate powers usage that left a wall with a Mace-shaped hole and left the male half of the force in both disbelief and envy.


“So, looks like I’m replacing Whip this time ‘round, yeah?”

Twelve year old Mace nodded, a little bewildered despite having gone through a fused loop at least once or twice. Those seven years in Howarts were pretty wild, teaming up with Fred and George, occasionally involving Harry when it came to Severus Snape and Umbridge.

And here he thought teachers were strict at the public school.

Same aged Naruto scratched his muzzle, hm’ing and uhming, somewhat enjoying the new form he had as a humanoid fox. “What can we do to mess up the town? Got kinda bored with that death match between the Gundams and the robot Death Star.”

“Let’s prank Grunn first, think of a shark on legs with a rabbit's tail and you have ‘im.”

The fox smirked, placing the box on the beach. “Seriously? Can’t wait to see his face. Did this to Kakashi-sensei once. I swear the entire continent heard his scream.”

Mace stared. “What?”

“Nothing, you just seem pretty invested in this loop.” Mace said, striking a match several times and cursed, “Thought the original loopers saw it all.”

“The original five, including me, yeah. Several million loops since the system crashed. People like Hiccup and Ichigo have ten thousand or a little more under their belts.” Naruto poured oil into the box, an excess amount.

“And this universe is a new loop for you.” Mace finished, surprised. It took this long?

“Pretty much. Doing something in a new universe is huge treat for all loopers, let’s hope everyone else gets in on it.” Naruto grinned and plucked the lit match from Mace before tossing it onto the cheap porno magazines.

Mace thought back to the insanity that loopers underwent. Some of the most bizarre stuff came out of the multiple universes that resulted in breaking reality, entire territories and star systems and occasional sociopathy the heroes indulged in.

In the distance, a massive roar practically awoke the Margate district. “Where’s mah porn!” then came a series of crashes, thwaps, ‘no and no’s!’ and ‘it’s in mah iseis!’

“Okay, that was the can of paint,” Naruto grinned, crossing his arms, then the dress trap they laid along, “the makeup shotgun too…”

“Homer’s gonna beat your ass for that one.”

“If he can catch me in the first place.”

“Noooooo!! Mace, you ah’re dead, you and yur little buddy tah!” laughter could be heard from the orphanage in the early morning, he was pretty sure that high pitched one was Vi.

“Small beginnings?”

“Small beginnings.” Confirmed Naruto with a shit-eating grin as they ran off into the dunes.

It was then that the collected government officials, employees and volunteers otherwise, felt a collective shiver go down their spines.

In the middle of listening to her sister read aloud, Namah cackled manically.

“Mah Porn!” came a shriek that echoed throughout the district. Afterwards, came much sobbing.

In the orphanage, there was much rejoicing.


Lilith had never seen her sister so devoted to the news channel of all things. She knew her younger half-sister was much more clever than she let on, having a better vocabulary than those three times her age and this time was hers to watch the painting show.

Occasionally, she laughed, which drew her curiosity and bemusement as to why. She closed her book and dog-eared it. “Um, Namah, that’s not the comedy channel.”

“It might as well be,” Namah said, a sly grin on her face as she turned back to the television.

“It appears as though a power-user has struck the city, leaving the CSA scrambling to respond to the multiple situations throughout the districts.” a humanoid cow on screen announced “Statues in the Kojiki district have come alive and began tea ceremonies, others began duels to the death for dishonor among their clans. The Theophanies numerous churches have all been TP’d and restrooms cherry bombed, spilling sewage out onto the streets.”

Lilith jaw hung, seeing the images transmitted and the CSA’s attempted suppression, which shortly followed with two warrior statues diverting from their duel to fighting those who intervened.

Namah laughed long and hard, she didn’t really care about the damage, as long as it ruined her ‘father’s’ day, it was fine with her.


“Okay, we spiked the water in Ruskol with triple-strength espresso and dyed the water green and put a squid and an orca into the Norvondire’s canal transportation system who are currently duking it out, what next?”

Mace checked off the list and looked at Naruto before following his gaze. The Sabbaton Tower.

The fox held up a pink can of paint and both turned, facing an army of blonds carrying cans of paint of various pink shades and brushes, grins on their faces.

With a grin of his own, Mace whipped out his wand, and all of them Apparated with the crack of thunder.


Minutes later, Bill collapsed onto the floor, clutching his ribs in laughter. Woods was pretty sure he’d do it to death.

“Classy.” Damian had remarked, shaking his head in disbelief before walking off to do his duties in order to keep his sanity in line.

Woods shrugged. It was a good representation of what most nay-sayers thought of Viscount Calah’s policies.


Namah started prostrating before the image that was broadcasted. It’s image would long be burned into the citizen’s minds.

Lilith shrieked, flushing, before she bumbled out of the room, muttering something about soap and keeping away from any anatomical books.


“…this is either brilliant or stupidly amusing, can’t decide which.”

Igrath cursed his blindness for the first time in several years. Scinter had practically dragged him from a de-briefing for the news broadcast, a rarity in itself considering the lizard hated the media of Anduruna.

He listened with a growing sense of disbelief as the broadcast went on, along with Scinter’s occasional bark of laughter.

“We have new developments in the Calypsa district that have forced CSA crews to evacuate a twelve kilometer radius from the mineral deposits, citing…” A pause and a ruffle of paper followed, came quizzically “mineral ryu-nekos fighting each other rock-em’ sock’em style.”

Silence followed, Scinter’s laugher came in coughs, trying to get through one announcement to hear the others.

Down the hall, Igrath could hear the laughter of the Troika members. After a long moment’s thought, he decided to go get drunk, very, very drunk.

Loop 1: Mace’s early mistakes.

Loop 2: Yeah, I can imagine his frustration.
Loop 3: Fused Loops. Welcome to the insanity.

Loop 4: Everyone wants to see this happen.

Loop 5: There’s a lot more to Bast’s character than just being a former gang member. Besides, Mace has lived years mentally speaking, he’s had a lot of time to think.

Loop 6: This is actually canon, the whole book on Looping devised by Naruto and Harry. I’ll post the link to the Infinite Loops wiki later.

Loop 7: Mace has issues. Lots of them. Aside from that, the Dreamkeepersverse is a fairly young one in contrast to all the others. He has a rather irrational hatred of Grunn despite knowing about his wife, as Igrath mentioned in Vol. 2.

Loop 8: With great loops comes awesome skills and great insanity.

Loop 9: I remembered one of Dave's commissions showing Mace in a harem.

Loop 10: Without a doubt, I loved writing this one.

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Denizen534/11/15 11:44am
This is absolutely wonderful. Say, ever consider TF2 or Soul Eater? TF2 probably wouldn't have a looper unless you just went with your favored class, but it WOULD be stuck in the loop, and Soul Eater would be Soul, Death the Kid, or Death. That would be wonderful.

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joeden4/21/15 5:31pm
loved this one also have you considered Warhammer star craft warcraft? or any of the other ones?

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Denizen531/8/16 12:21am
So the thing about loopers is that, at one point, they just get kind of jaded, yeah? They've seen it all, been through everything, virtually nothing shocks them.

Ever heard of One Punch Man?

The premise is simply that one hero has trained become so strong and fast that only one punch is needed to defeat any given enemy. So now he's pretty jaded. I won't say much more for sake of keeping this part short.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: One Punch Mace.

When Mace woke up, he wasn't sure what he was going to do with his day.

It wasn't that he had completely run out of things to do; the problem had more to do with whether he wanted to do them. Sitting up in his bed, he looked around. Sunlight streamed in through the numerous holes in the canvas covering the docks; so he'd waken up in his earlier days this time.

Cool. He liked relaxing.


He glanced over at Whip, and flashed a grin.

"Let's just relax today," he said.

"Refreh!" Whip agreed. "Gredge ah."

"Good idea."

Jumping onto the floor, he stretched a bit and grabbed his coat before heading outside, blinking in the sunlight. He stared at the dock below him, and dropped to his hands.

Whip almost said something, but decided just to lay down on the wood. He felt like this was nothing new...despite the fact that he was certain Mace had never done this before. Deja vu?

Mace didn't say anything, and Whip eventually fell asleep.



Yawning, Mace reclined on the sun-baked dock, laying on his back. It was now high noon.

His training could take a while, but hey, Whip was sleeping and he was in the mood for some push-ups.

He glanced to his left and blinked as a sudden idea came to his head. The stairs sat there innocently, firmly built and maintained by Viriathus' dedicated efforts.

He took this moment to go over this loop's memories.

Bobby and the others were out trying to get into a better orphanage (not that it ever worked or they ever told him about it), Viriathus was out in the city doing whatever, and Grunn...was grumbling his way towards the stairs. A slight variant, but it worked to his advantages.

No witnesses.

When he heard Grunn step onto the stairs, he waited until he knew Grunn reached that one odd step in the middle, before unleashing his fury onto the poor, undeserving stairs.


"Whuh-!?" was all Grunn had the time to say, before-


Saitama's strength was his, and his alone. But that didn't mean nobody else could get in on it.

...well, actually, it did, but it gave him a lot of ideas to work with.

Below, Mace heard Grunn splashing in the water, trying to strangle someone who wasn't their.



The rest of that day went uneventfully, with Mace dodging Grunn at every opportunity, and explaining to absolutely nobody - Whip withheld - just what happened to the stairs.

That night, he slept under the stars.


When he woke up, it was strictly in the looper sense. He was standing on the stairs he had so ruthlessly destroyed, Whip beside him, and Viriathus was saying something about irritating repairs, her back to the steps.

Jumping down to the bottom of the steps, he decided to make a bigger entrance than usual. He was in a good mood.

"Yo, Vi! What's up?"

"Oh, you know what's up, you little-" Mace was surprised, but not entirely. He woke up in these situations all too-

"What the hell happened to the stairs!?" she exclaimed, genuinely dumbfounded.

"What do you mean?" Mace asked slowly, as he and Whip gave her questioning stares.

"The stairs! They were literally just-" she stopped and her eyes widened, as if she just realized another crucial detail. "Why is it daytime?"

Mace had a sudden realization, and knew exactly what to an extent.

Giving a hopeful guess, he said, "Hey Whip, why don't you go ahead to the mess hall? I want to talk to Vi real quick." Whip was a little perturbed, but flew up to the mess hall.

Vi sighed, shaking her head.

"Look, I'm sorry, Mace. I'm just a little out of it, I guess," she said.

"Actually, that's kind of the thing. You might want to sit down for this, by the way," he advised. Viriathus raised hey eyebrows, but sat down anyway.

"Okay, so...there's this tree called Yggdrasil," he said carefully. This was a little shocking for most mortals who didn't even know gods existed, much less alternate universes.

Internally, of course, he was jumping for joy. He'd been holding out for Whip, but any friend is a friend.

Being a looper can make it hard to have those.

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WiseOwlReader1/13/16 6:03pm
Okay. Wow. I totally forgot about this in the forums. I was hoping someone would contribute to this, and I'm gonna dive right back in when you have drabble number 11 finished. Please finish it, I'd love to expand to the zaniness.

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Denizen535/21/16 11:10pm
11.1 - I deleted the Bloodborn one because there was just something dissonant about it and how I wanted to sort of fit everything together. Not to mention that there are rules and restrictions that I was previously unaware of. That, and the pacing sucked.

Consider it retconned in favor of version number two.

Mace found it completely unsurprising that Viriathus 'woke up', only to try and pretend that everything was normal. It was almost funny, if a little saddening, to watch her trying to reject reality and pinch herself every now and then, hoping that it was all a dream.

It made him think about how ludicrous this situation truly was.

It made him think about how long it had been since he'd actually talked with a resident of his home loop without lying through his teeth.

Now he had Viriathus, though. But was it really all that much better? Every time he tried to mention something related to the loops, she blocked him out at best, and 'walked away' at a dead sprint at worst, hands clasped over her ears, as if that would solve the situation.

There really wasn't an answer to that question. It was one he didn't want to answer regardless.

If there was one thing that the loops had taught him, it was to accept reality for what it is, but even if you hang on for forever, the 'version' you want it to be will be fleeting at best.

He just had to wait for Viriathus to figure that out.


Mace blinked. He was underneath the dock, hammer paused in a swinging motion. He felt emotionally drained. Autopilot was really the best he could have managed at this-

"Weh! Re sha!" Whip said, shaking Mace out of his stupor.

"S-sorry, Whip. I was just thinking." He continued hammering nails into the dock, "A lot of things have been on my mind recently."

"Feh nah chak!" Whip said, motioning to above deck.

"Nah. You go without me, I'm not hungry." Whip responded by laying on Mace's head. "You gonna move?"


"Fine, fine!" Mace climbed up through one of the rotted holes in the dock and went up to the mess hall. It was fairly empty, save for a cold, nearly-empty pot of 'soup'.

"You got lucky." Mace sat on the bench and flopped onto the table. Whip, for his part, left a small bowl of soup in front of him whilst devouring his own.

After that, time just sort of rolled by. Mace idly wished that he could have some sort of personal-time-adjustment power, but magic wasn't that convenient. Then again, his ultimate ability of waiting had become legendary. He could out-wait death at this point.

No, actually. He couldn't have. He tried.

Then somebody fell onto the bench beside him with an almighty 'thunk'.

He flinched so hard he almost threw himself off of his seat. Viriathus groaned miserably.

He looked around; apparently the world had entered a new loop. Everything looked about the same, though. He stared questioningly at the dreamkeeper beside him.


"Look outside," came a muffled interruption.

He did so and regretted every life choice he had made previously.

"My eyes!" she yelled, stumbling back from the curtain, "I've been scarred for eternity!"

"Doesn't pull off a dress very well, does he?" Viriathus asked through folded arms.

"It's something I could go another thousand loops without seeing."


May shrugged as she dropped back onto the bench next to Viriathus.

"You get bored. This isn't the first 'gender-bend' loop I've been in, though. I'm interested - what's your take?"


"See ya later, Vi."

"Catch you tomorrow, girl!"


Viriathus glared into the mirror in the male's bathroom.

"Every. Fucking. Time."


Viriathus took a few moments before giving his response.

"Shockingly similar."

May wisely decided that the conversation could probably end there.



"I'm sorry."

May looked towards Viriathus. His head was turned slightly away from her, but there was a wet track from the corner of his eye that she could see. She looked away and shuffled uncomfortably for a moment, before sliding a little closer. She reached out and put a hand on Vi's back-


-and was immediately encased in a fierce bear hug.

Viriathus was shivering, and his breath was staggered.

May just closed her eyes and held on.

11.1 V2 - Viriathus comes to terms with the reality of the situation.

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Denizen531/22/18 10:47pm
Hi! It's me! It's been a while!

I've edited the One Punch Mace snip to flow with the continuity of the Infinite Loops canon. (Saitama's strength cannot be shared by anyone; he's literally the only person allowed to have it across loops.)

And now some loops.

It was a fairly plain day. Same boring sky, same boring ocean, same boring docks, and the same boring day.

It was the same Whip as well, unfortunately, but he felt like they were getting there. Slowly.

Mace's morning rituals proceeded as per the regular, for the most part; get up, wash his teeth, burn off some steam, apologize for the 'noise pollution', the usual.

At some point, he ended up going to school, which was unusual, but not unheard of.

By the end of the lecture, his notebook was no more full of significant knowledge than it had been previously; rather, it was more full of graphically depicted imagery, mostly blood and gore. Mostly of one particular person.

Mostly things he didn't want to think about.

By now, he had no wish to comply with baseline, but at the same time, he had no will to do otherwise. It all felt so...pointless. Revenge satisfied him for a bit, but afterwards, he felt empty. It was just erased moments later, wasn't it? So what was the point of anything if it was all going to reset?

Stopping dead in his nearly automated walking pace, he felt the slightest bit of worry tingle at the back of his mind.

And nothing else.


"I'm glad you came to me with this, Mace. It can be difficult to deal with these sort of emotions on your own, and sometimes, you just need a helping hoof. That's all."


Mace hadn't been sure about having fleshy fingers, like in Harry Potter's loop, but having hoofs was a definitely downgrade, no questions asked.

Having wings, however, pushed that back up to a 50/50 situation.

"So, let's begin this professionally." Clearing her throat, Princess Twilight Sparkle looked at Mace with the most easily approachable expression she could muster, and asked, "So when did this all start?"

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Denizen531/23/18 10:51pm
Mace woke up in his bed.

A few emotions ran through him at this realization; first, disappointment. Equestria, albeit incredibly pastel, had been a great bit of vacation from the usual grind. Then, satisfaction. He had felt disappointed, which - while not usually important - gave him a bit of relief that he hadn't been too far gone when he ended up Looping into Equestria, and it had come just in time if anything. And then, mostly, excitement. He had learned a few new tricks in Equestria - not all of them exactly from that particular Loop - which he felt compelled to try.

For his first trick, all he would need was some good old fashioned Equestrian magic, a good sense of timing, a pillow, a hammer, a saw, a melon, a bottle of fermentae...


"Whoah! Who are you!?" Mace asked in not-quite-convincing terror as the bounty hunter loomed over him.

"Kid," he growled, "I'm your worst nightmare."

"Hey, Mace, could you-"

Two heads swiveled towards the door. One went slackjawed; the other fought tooth and nail to contain his laughter.

"Sorry," the new Mace said, backing out of the room, "I'll be back later."

Blinking, Ravat turned back two the first Mace-

"What the fuck."

Two pairs of unblinking, mischievous eyes stared back at him.

"Okay, fine," he said, pulling out his knife, "I'm up for double-"


Ravat was promptly sent crashing through the surprisingly weak floor below him by an absolutely devastating pillow attack by yet another Mace, who was smiling wickedly as the feathery contents of the his weapon spilled out around him.

One floor down, Ravat twisted and turned, entangled in strangely scented ropes. Once he managed to get himself right side up, he was scowling profusely, cursing under his breath. The scent of the ropes eased his mind just slightly; he was always fond of fermentae, even if it was just the smell.

Then he saw Mace, standing at the end of the dock, with a lighter. And one end of the rope.

Growling, he sent his power out, just as the rope was lit. Mace - duplicate Mace, the one with the lighter - dashed off quickly, somehow managing to outrun his shadow.

When faced between dealing with brats and self preservation, he opted for the latter.

The water was cold as ice and sent shocks down his spine, but at least-

"Oh, for fuck's SAKE!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, scrambling towards something, anything to climb back up, as the water began to quickly freeze around him. "I'm done with you brats! Go dunk your heads in-"

For the final time, Ravat was interrupted by incredibly cruel machinations as his fist clenched around a bit of flo-wood.

Namely, Mace's machinations.

To be fair, it was incredibly unlikely that Ravat had ever even come close to realizing the true potential of Jumpers; namely, Scinter's remarkable use of them as teleportation beacons of a particularly brilliant sort.

He did, however, have plenty of time to contemplate them on his way down from the peak of Starfall Mountain.

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