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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Ultimate Booze (a practice RP with Aman3712)

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Subscribe to this thread The Ultimate Booze (a practice RP with Aman3712) created by ZeroLogic on March 23, 2015

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Aman37123/24/15 6:14pm
(Sure :D)

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ZeroLogic3/25/15 4:47pm
" I may or may have not accidentally used you as a distraction," Jacob answered as they both sprinted from the beach.

The crowd parted and screamed as more projectiles flew over there heads. Their pursuers were moving as quickly as they were, pausing to take shots, but loosing no ground in the chase.

They came to the edge of the beach and found a thatched roof bar, very similar to a tiki hut. The vacationers within had no clue as to what was happening outside of their meal time...they were about to. The swinging doors burst open as Jacob and Kyle flew in. A shot sent bits of the wooden wall splintering and flying onto tables. The customers screamed in horror and fell under their tables.

Out two heroes flew behind the bar as the red fox appeared in the door. He fired multiple shots that cut through glasses and cups, sending the kitchen staff and bar tender down to the ground. They supported themselves against the back side of the bar for a moment.

" By the way...I never got your name...I'm Jacob," He said casually putting out his hand. A little too casual for a gun fight.

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Aman37123/25/15 5:40pm
"Kyle," He replied with a chuckle, shaking Jacob's hand, "Never expected to wake up here."

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ZeroLogic3/25/15 5:58pm
The shots continued to rip through glass and bottle above. They aimed lower now, hitting the front side of the bar. Rounds began to burrow through in certain spots, creating large holes while the blasted loudly out of the bars back side. A few exited very near Jacob and Kyle.

" Holly Crap!" Jacob exclaimed as he lifted his arm, a bullet slashed his short sleeve.

Jacob tried desperately to formulate a plan. These gunmen weren't going to keep shooting from the door, they'd approach them sooner or later.

" Come on think! Think Jacob!" He said as he placed his hands on the side of his temple.

He suddenly heard running, getting closer and closer. Finally none other than the red fox vaulted over the bar and landed in front of them. He wore a wide smile as he saw the bottle.

" Big mistake takin that bottle, pal." He cocked back the hammer on his revolver like weapon. Jacob braced for impact. A shot rang out!

" Nooooooooooo!" He exclaimed with his eyes closed, however the shot was not from the fox, he checked himself for bullet wounds and found none.

He heard another voice now, one he didn't recognize.

" Get up!" the voice shouted. Jacob heard it coming from the door to the kitchen. He looked over and saw a shadowy figure pointing their gun out from behind the door. Multiple rounds clanked against it as the red fox fell dead.

" Preferably NOW thieves!" the figure ordered

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Aman37123/25/15 6:34pm
"Hey, I ain't no thief!" Kyle said to the figure in a frustrated tone, covering his head in fear of getting caught in the rain of bullets, "I just woke up in this joint!"

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ZeroLogic3/25/15 6:46pm
(Ok, I need to design this new character real quick, we'll do this again tomorrow)

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Kirito3/25/15 7:38pm
(I recommend making an OOC as to not clog up the RP sections :-) )

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ZeroLogic3/26/15 4:42pm
( I get that, I meant I should create the character out of this and than leave a link to the page its on, BEFORE we continue the RP)

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ZeroLogic3/26/15 5:05pm
(and there's our new character...she'll probably be the only one with a fire arm though...someone needs to shoot back. I'll design the main villain and other important characters later on)

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Aman37123/26/15 5:29pm

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