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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers in a... Fighting Game? created by BryanDimmsdale on June 13, 2015

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BryanDimmsdale6/13/15 8:19pm
Hey guys! It's been bugging me for a long, long time, and recently I have dreamt about it as well. Something's telling me I should spread this idea and maybe it may come true.


So I was wondering if it could be really possible if there was a DK fighting game. I've been very eager for it, as well as it's still my occurring dream. Also, if it's possible, either Dave OR "We" can program and create one.

Though not just any fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter style, mine is kinda Anime Cel Shading type of style. Kinda prefered like Guilty Gear Xrd here: (No seriously, that's the exact style I dreaming about it, haha)

I want your opinion guys about. Also, In my dream today, Bast and Mace are fighting, and Bast does seem to have decent combat moves. XD

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TannerTheSwiftfox6/13/15 11:17pm
I have actually put a lot of thought into this myself. I think a fighting game is the best possible genre for a Dreamkeepers game. It is a very good idea indeed.

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Digitigraderobo6/14/15 6:54am
Yes please, imo a fighting game is the best genre for a DK game.

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DanWithTheHat6/14/15 8:06pm
A bunch of us were talking about if we made DK Mugen fighters on Skype. If you never heard if it Mugen is a freeware Street fighter like fighting game where people have been making countless custom fighters for.

It would be perfect for DK I think.

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FoxBrethren6/14/15 9:24pm
I agree that fighting games are a great genre for Dreamkeepers. Other genres that would work well are tactical action games like the Dynasty Warriors games... I even had a FPS game idea where you play a shock trooper and hunt power infractors.

But for the topic at hand, I think fighting games would be able to best represent the array of powers and abilities we're likely to see in various Dreamkeepers. On another note, in my head for a fighting game I always imagine Mace and Whip as a single playable character. Not that they couldn't be separate characters but their near inseparable nature makes them for a perfect 2-in-1 type fighter.

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ZycantAlpha6/14/15 10:44pm
Maybe not Dynasty Warriors. It'd really only work during the Silent Centuries, and all we know about that was that the Dreamkeepers were basically forced on the defensive. That being said, fighting games do seem to be the most likely choice to really make it work.

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FoxBrethren6/14/15 11:49pm
I didn't say it had to be canon to the story. There have been Dynasty Warriors games that were plenty fun that had no bearing on actual story. Like Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, which is the only one of that genre that I've ever played in truth. I hold no illusions towards how viable a game like that would be, but it could definitely have a huge element of fun to it.

Also, "It'd really only work during the Silent Centuries" can we really know for sure about that? For all we know Anduruna is going to be overrun with Nightmares in the GNS at some point. Just have the opposing minions be sandmen and shocktroopers or something.

That said, of all the game types I mentioned, a fighting game would be the easiest to make thanks to things like what Dan mentioned.

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BryanDimmsdale6/15/15 1:59am
@DanWithTheHat: MUGEN would be a good beginning console especially creating the characters and their moves as well as testing them. However, I want to go higher than that Dan, much higher than that!

I always want the final product of the DK fighting game as a standalone, with its own signature "Dave's" style and its uniqueness; it shouldn't be dependent on MUGEN forever. I wanted to see it started it from scratch until the final product, set our "team" and reach our simple to very high main goals, and make it unique and final product line with our sigs.

To illustrate, let me show you guys this one: this is an upcoming furry game, and as you can see they're still beginning, but look at their results.

This is the perfect example of what I visualize, not just MUGEN alone.

@FoxBrethren: You're right. Though we must remember we shouldn't go that far fetched to the main story though, so that it's still has sense even if it's just an arcade or with side goals in it, at the same time it doesn't feel too restricted to the main storyline. Besides, it will prevent a lot of potential spoilers to the new readers/players, but still rather give them the sense or flow of DK.

And that 2-in-1 character that you said, actually some fighting games have already done it without making them OP, at the same time enjoyable. So, we can definitely combine Mace and Whip though into a "one" character.

Two examples are these characters that are already existing: and

@ZycantAlpha: Actually, we don't have to go back, way back to silent centuries. Modern age is the perfect theme actually. And besides, it's more interesting if you can use the main characters and villains. :)

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ezioauditore976/16/15 12:55pm
Great ideas! I rather like the notion myself quite a bit!

Mace and Whip probably wouldn't have to worry about being overpowered simply because both their powers are as of yet unknown and even then I imagine Mace's power would be far more cumbersome than most others. It's like comparing him as a really active and crafty fighter compared to Bowser on Smash Bros. in my humble opinion. So yeah,bundling him with Whip is probably a good way to keep other characters from kicking his fluffy butt with their own respective powers.

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Aman37127/9/15 7:23am
I would throw all of my money at it XD

Also, I think that DK could also fit in a hack and slash styled game like Dynasty Warriors an One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

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