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Subscribe to this thread Furry Video's to Share created by Kymastrider on August 15, 2015

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Kymastrider8/15/15 11:07am
I have a brilliant new topic, lets share all the fun little furry videos we find on the internet with others.

Have a dancing fox? A cute anthro animation, then lets see it.

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Kirito8/20/15 9:24pm
This is probably one of my favorites:

It's the Saga of Rex animated film project trailor. Everything about it is incredible; from the style to the beat. Gah, love it.

This came out a while ago so I'm not sure where they stand at the moment in terms of completion.

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Vandorbelt9/3/15 8:42am
Here's an animation by the artist of the webcomic "Zoophobia":

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Prometheus9/3/15 10:18am
Found this cute furry animation years ago. X3

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DanWithTheHat9/12/15 3:51pm
For any fans of Steven Universe, a group of animators furry-ized the song and show scene 'Stronger than You". (serious spoilers though if you are worried about that sort of thing and haven't seen the episode.)

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FoxPhantom9/15/15 5:18am
Can this involve fursuiters?

Also, here is a link of Cerberus's video of Rockoons 3. :3

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Kymastrider10/20/15 8:24pm

I'm sorry but was this the video you intended?

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DanWithTheHat10/22/15 8:42pm
Yup, I meant to post the complete video and not the request video. The link to the complete video is in the one I posted though.

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TalkedSpy10/26/15 4:24pm
OOOOHHH, FURRY VIDEOS! Nice! I have a few a want to share with you guys. These are from the creator of Zoophobia as well. Her name is Vivienne Medrano, and you should check out some of her work on her tumblr, DA account, and on her Youtube channel. She has some pretty nice, beutfiul, and unbelievable artwork, and creates very imaginative and lovable characters. She is a pretty awesome and inspirational artist, and like I said before, please check out her work for a bit. You won't regret it.


Popular (Wicked)- Animation Exercise- VivziePop:

Telephone Hour- Animatic- VivziePop:

The Son of 666 -VivziePop:

Most Wonderful Time (of the year) - Christmas Film - VivziePop:

Also, not sure if these count as "furry videos", buuuut, neh. :3

Daddy Issues- Animatic- VivziePop:

TIMBER- SVA Thesis Film -VivziePop:

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TalkedSpy10/26/15 4:30pm
OH, and also, here's one from Tirrel. He makes good animations and art on e621, and maybe DA as well, but I haven't seen any of his work there. Oddly though, he also doesn't have a youtube account to what I see, but however, his animations are featured in TheZlorf's channel. But anyways, enjoy.


People die. :P

Tirrel (Cerberus) - You're The One That I Want (Grease) | 1080 HD:

Tirrel (Cerberus) - Rockoons 3 | 1080 HD:

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Kymastrider11/18/15 8:17pm

You forgot TheZlorf's other videos.

Rockoons 0

Rockoons 1

Rockoons 2

Rockoons 3

Your the one that I want


Die Oompa Musikwiedergabeklangmaschine

Rescuing Ghosts

Raiders of the Trash


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Kymastrider12/3/15 2:23pm
Oh yeah, and don't forget Vivziepop Zoophobia animations.

Son of 666


Die Young

Most Wonderful Time (of the year)


Sports Song

Naughty Mabel

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TalkedSpy12/5/15 5:33pm
Thanks for putting the rest Kyma.

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Vandorbelt12/7/15 6:29am
This is one of the best animations I've seen in forever:

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