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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers: The Game created by Kirito on October 22, 2015

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Kirito10/22/15 6:58pm
We got an awesome preview of the Dreamkeepers video game on the stream!

We got to see the different environments including: - Sunny - Snowy - Rainy - Sunset (Was not working properly but it looks awesome)

We got to see an example of powers will be used: - Halos, which will also be used as an on screen timer showing how much time is remaining for power use. - And powers (obviously not canon)

And we also got a bit of dialogue examples: which will show up as bubbles as of now.

Currently they're working on a test level. I'm so excited for an Official DK Game!

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Lycanphoenix10/22/15 7:53pm
I think the dialogue bubbles would look better if they had a slightly translucent fill, that way it wouldn't be as obstructive to the art. Also, the color of the text and fill should show subtle variations based on who is talking.

I am gonna pass that along to Dave.

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DanWithTheHat10/22/15 8:25pm
I ended up recording the whole thing for anyone who missed the chat. If you want to see the full preview of the game, check it out here:!3610&authkey=!AAQo5sQdpPbASkE&ithint=video%2cmp4

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ezioauditore9710/23/15 5:28pm
Awesome! Thank you Dan!

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BryanDimmsdale10/25/15 4:45pm
Adding this in my games to play list. It does remind me of Elysian Tail.

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Javelin11/1/15 12:00am
This is awesome! Is on computer or other devices this reminds me of Terraria lol!

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DanWithTheHat11/2/15 6:32pm
The game is no where close to release so the devices it will be on is TBD. Dave and his coding friend are working on getting a demo level made up to test the engine and basic mechanics as he is working on Volume 5. From there he will decide how much resources it will take to develop it into a full game.

I'm just happy to see Mace up and animated, even if its a rough animation. He looks amazing!

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Kirito11/2/15 6:51pm

I agree. Seeing Mace move was incredible, especially after getting so used to the comic medium.

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Prometheus11/2/15 7:00pm
I really hope this is the first step to the series getting animated. With this first look at animation along with Nicholas Albrecht's music scores, Dreamkeepers would be so amazing as an animated series.

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ezioauditore9711/3/15 6:50pm
@DWTH Now once Mace is fully animated he'll make his cartoony forebearers so proud! ;)

@Prometheus Dave would have to outsource it to make it even remotely feasible,but the idea is just so good and I have no doubt many people would enjoy it's merits if it somehow became even more widespread.

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Hakuzo11/5/15 9:32pm
Wait... An official DK game is being made?

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Kirito11/6/15 3:43am

Yep! You can see the progress in the screenshots and in the stream. Currently a test level is being made!

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DanWithTheHat11/6/15 7:12pm
In Dave's stream this week, he drew some Ryuu Neko animation sketches which may be used in the test level. I got a recording here for anyone interested:!4006&authkey=!APWR0Idl0GSS5po&ithint=video%2cmp4

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Hakuzo11/7/15 5:17pm
I can't watch streams on my phone. I'd have to view them later.

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Aman371211/11/15 11:45am
I deeply hope that this game will be on Steam XD

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