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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4 Digital Purchase Where?

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4 Digital Purchase Where? created by SuperTaster on October 26, 2015

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SuperTaster10/26/15 9:04am
So, all news about the digital release of Volume 4 goes dead after about 3 months ago, with claims that it was intended to be available for purchase 1 month from then.

Is Volume 4 available for general purchase and where? If not, when is it expected to be so?

Also hi.

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Prometheus10/26/15 10:58am
Hey, there. Welcome to the forums. :)

As it stands, books are currently being sent out to the backers of the Kickstarter. All backers got a digital version of the book earlier in the year, but many backers elected to wait until the physical copy was in their hands.

Once the backers' copies are sent out, then V4 should be up for sale to the public. Right now, *I currently don't know when that will be done. We'll have to keep an eye on Dave's Twitter for updates on that.

Oh, also, you should be able to buy V4 on the main site store once it becomes available.

*Somebody else might know, though. I try to keep up with Dave's tweets, but I've been falling behind.

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Lycanphoenix10/26/15 12:18pm
I could ask on your behalf.

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Kirito10/26/15 12:29pm
Dave said via Twitter that the v4 books arrived. I'm not sure whether that's solely Kickstarter Backers or his entire supply, though.

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DanWithTheHat11/3/15 5:44am
I think the talk of it getting a sold a month after the PDFs were released to KS backers was the small run of V4 they sold at Anthrocon only. He gave out the PDF to backers so the backers could read v4 before people at anthrocon. Originally the KS was supposed to ship in the September timeframe. Shipping delays from the printer have pushed that back to later this month. He is just getting all the extras ready at this point.

I wouldn't bug Dave too much with messages about kickstarter release. His last update on KS shows the current status.

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Lycanphoenix11/3/15 9:36am
He needs to get a drone license and just deliver them with drones.

...I kid.

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Prometheus11/3/15 9:43am
That's the only good use I could see for public drones. XD

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