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Prometheus1/15/16 12:23pm

Any chance of an update on your story? ^///^

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Hakuzo1/21/16 12:23pm
I've struck up a writing commission again 15k sfw pokemon story. So my free writing isn't there to make stuff.

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joeden4/23/16 7:49pm
found it, its old when my grammar isn't at the same level as it is now and I also just finished a kensen RP in the dreamworld with Lilith.

18+ this is very mature!

Tenticle Nightmare RP with calicoyorki

The moon hung high over Anduruna, as a beast of some size came charging through the garden outside the tower. It hissed at the two keepers chasing it it’s yellow glowing eyes through the tendril like mass it had. It zoomed towards the tower and into a vent shaft. The two keepers looked at it then the cat asked, “you know the tower and how it works Jamie?” And Jamie looked at his brother saying, “Know it I jumped out of it to save Vicount dumbass up there. Now let’s go.” They then climbed into the vents after the thing. They had trouble keeping up and soon lost the beast. It arrived at Namah’s room and peered through the grates at the younger keeper.
Back to the vent, Namah sat at her desk, watching the sordid images on the screen. Hand, creeping down the front of her pajama bottoms, she looked to the door, failing to notice the glowering yellow eyes in the vents. Satisfied that she was not going to be interrupted, Namah slid her digits into her panties. She didn't make much noise, just little gasps and grunts; but given the things on her screen, the Nightmare could likely not realize what the girl was up to...
The Nightmare peered in and in a nasty idea; it really hated Dreamkeepers, to be perfectly honest, this Nightmare liked to play with its food. Namah wouldn’t have clue what happened next she wouldn’t even have time to do anything or register what was happening. The Nightmare just shot out of the vent, spilling its tendrils all over the room. Its mass formed and grabbed Namah right out of her seat and with its tendrils pulled her arms and legs apart before. She could scream it shoved a tone of tendrils in her mouth it took a look at her screen and said, “Oh-ho-ho-ho, so you’re a slut! Maybe if you’re good I’ll leave you a lucre bitch.” The tendrils of the beast were black and slimy as they went up her pant legs and into her panties before dancing around. It smiled and said in its gnarly voice, “you like that don’t you little cunt.” It began to laugh as it watched her squirmed.
Namah squirmed, and tried desperately to bite the tentacles in her mouth. Eyes wide, she bucked her hips in a desperate bid to free herself. Frightened, a whimper escaped her throat as she fully realized what was going to happen. Face heating up, her struggles kicked up anew.
The Nightmare laughed as Namah wriggled, it said, “What’s the matter slut? Are your Pants to itchy for you? I’ll help you with that…” the Nightmare then ripped her pants off and brought its eyes to her genital region and said, “ooh, looks like someslut is weeet.” It then plunged two of its tentacles into Namah’s vagina then left them there, saying, “I think I’ll leave those for now hmmm. Now, now, now I wonder should I fuck you or not waste my time on a slut like you." He started mockingly contemplating the idea.
Then, as Namah struggled desperately, the Nightmare flipped her over. Before Namah could fight back, it grabbed her asscheeks and spread them wide. "Ooohohohoh, what cute little slut-butt! Are you winking at me with that purple pucker, you little whore? Do you really want me to stick something in your little slut-butt that bad? Well alrighty then!!" He promptly shoved a tentacle into her asshole, and flipped her back over.
Namah gave a muffled wail, as both of her holes were penetrated. Sweat running down her body, causing her pink and purple skin to shimmer in the moonlight and plastering her hair to her forehead, she felt a mixture of pain and shameful pleasure everytime her heart beat; her pussy clenched and her asshole seized up with every pulse. Groaning, she continued weakly trying to fight - drooling, she tried desperately to chew on the tendrils in her mouth, and escape.
The Nightmare, looked to her and said, “Hmmm? You want me to fuck you in your vag then your ass and mouth all simultaneously? Okay that’s better then what I was going to do petty slut, I was just going to let you go and leave you be, but if you want to show how much a slut you are alrightie then here I gooooooo!” It then started pumping and spinning the tentacles in her vagina, then followed the ass and mouth. Looking at Namah’s chest more tentacles tore her shirt and it looked at her chest and starred. Stopping its motions it looked her in the eyes with a very blank expression and said in a voice, “With a chest this size, do people call you the petty penny slut? If so then boy oh boy am I ever using a used hole. Maybe I should just let you go, using a hole like this, could end badly for me… ahh I’m just joking heheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheheheheheheheehehehe!”
Namah moaned and whined, trying to kick at the Nightmare for his comments. She failed, but was able to slap her tail against his face. That was really and honestly all she could do - her body was glistening with sweat, and to her horror, the nipples atop her perky breasts began to erect. She lashed her tail out again with as much strength as she could muster, knowing very well that this was a futile act.
The Nightmare, just blinked at the tail swap and said, "Is this your idea of thanking me? Okay I feel as if I am obliged to return the favor!" Wrapping a tentacle around her tail, he stopped it from moving. Smiling, it rubbed at the base of her tail, when it saw Namah’s reaction and smiled. “Oooooh so the prepubescent little slut has a sensitive spot now dose she?” It ran one of the tentacles over and over around the soft spot, while saying, “Should I parade you through the tower and show everyone how much of slut you are?” It then placed its head of tentacles next to namah’s head and said in a mockingly, friendly advice giving way. “If I were you I would have gotten some breast implants, then you’d make more than a penny a day.” It then moved off carrying on with a laugh, until it noticed a picture of Lilith, picking it up and saying, “who’s this? Your slut buddy or maybe someone else.”
Namah saw the picture through her half-closed eyes, and heard what he said about lilith. She couldn't move her body, as the pleasure had her writhing out of control, careening towards her first climax. Although she shivered and spasmed with horrible pleasure, she was able to attempt to chew and gnaw on the tentacles in her mouth - it didn't seem to hurt the Nightmare, but it was all she could do. Meanwhile, the thrusts were beginning to make her petite breasts bounce, their nipples fully perked up.
Smiling, the Nightmare said, “Oooooh looks like I hit a nerve. She’s you’re sister isn’t she, oh boy, oh boy oh boy! My favorite lesbian tentacle incest rape, oh thank the darkness for this night. Maybe once I’m finished with you I’ll go to town on her, and then bring her back here and do you both. Sound good?” the Nightmare then used its tentacles to bob her head up and down. It then let a bursting laugh out in this joyous moment as it used other tentacles to play with her breasts and laugh again saying, “I’ll be kind and play with these before I play with those hubba hubbas heheehehehehehe!” It looked at the picture of Lilith when it said hubba hubbas mostly to stress Namah out as best as it could.
And indeed, its tactics worked. Namah writhed and struggled, trying to shout at the Nightmare through her tentacle gag. When it started to play with her breasts, her face burned with renewed heat. What followed was a horrible, horrible orgasm, which made her body shiver uncontrollably, her entire body seizing with a few waves of terrible pleasure. She hoped this would be the end, but something told her it just wasn't quite.
The Nightmare started laughing, as it felt Namah’s orgasm, it looked her in the face and sung, “Dirty slut cummy slut, petite slut, ugly little slutty slut!” It began to repeat the song over and over, as it came to an orgasm at all the entry points of Namah’s body from mouth, to ass and vag it blew its dark green vile load and began again laughing. Positioning Namah, it made sure she could see what it was doing. It pulled out a Lurce and placed it on her desk and said, “You’ll earn more if you do a good job.” After saying that, it began throttling through her again, still with a thrill laugh.
Namah struggled as much as she could, but the sickening ooze secreted by the Nightmare was absolutely wretched and horrifying. She fought and fought, but was growing weaker - and to her horror, another orgasm was drawing close.
The Nightmare laughed, still with its tentacles around her arms and it, placed her on the ground. It then forced her to dance, while singing, “Dancing slut, look it’s a dancing slut, see that slut it’s a dancing slut! All the people can see it’s a dancing slut oooh ooh oooooh hooo hooo, dancing slut.” It then cackled loudly as it then forced her to be over her bed, as it began ravaging and said, “Damn a musical number? You’re so kind, really you are petite butt, *slaps ass* really that deserves a tip. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!”
Namah's tears flowed freely, as she had another painful orgasm. Sobbing, choked on Nightmare ick, she prayed for someone, anyone, to come and save her.
The Nightmare laughed as the tears came in close smiling it said, “Time to play with your sister then we’ll have our little family reunion!” The Nightmare laughed, not noticing the two figures emerging from the Vent. It began to throttle her once more saying, “Maybe one more go before-aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” It screamed as its tentacles entering Namah were cut off. Looking to the side it saw Jamie and Ollow, who were downright royally pissed off. After another shriek they thrashed through the room as Bill, who was making his pass would hear. Before he could react though the door burst open and the Tentacled Nightmarem, came bustling out looking at bill it said in its deranged voice, “YAOI, YAOI, YAOI!” it extended its tentacles outwards and went to grab Bill but Jamie and Ollow cut the thing down it withered and whined as the thing died in front of Bill. Bill would recognize Jamie even if the mask was gone, he was still in most of the same uniform from years ago and his voice was the same as he talked with his brother.
Bill looked, by chance, into the open room - and there he saw Namah, crying, coughing up horrid green sludge onto her bed. Terrified, he ran in to check on her. He wasn't sure what he expected her to do, but it would never be a choked, pitiful cry, as she weakly hugged Bill. Putting his own personal embarrassment aside, He removed his gloves, rolled up his sleeves, and carried Namah into her bathroom. After he had bathed her, and gotten some fresh, warm pajamas from the drying machine, Bill helped her get dressed. He murmured to her, "Go to Lilith, and, and, tell her anything to cover this up, okay? I'll change your sheets, and clean up this mess. Okay? Please, please Namah, please be okay..." Namah hugged Bill again, long and tight. She mumbled her thanks, and with a slight limp, headed to Lilith's room.
After making sure to carefully dispose of the Nightmare’s remains and leave no evidence of the beast both looked shocked and horrid at what it had done to her. They both looked at Bill and Jamie said, “You make no mention of this to no one, no one, understood?”
He vaguely recognized Jamie, but said nothing. Rather, Bill nodded, still feeling cold and sick. "I won't...I won't, for Namah's sakes." He then gagged, as he set about cleaning up the room.
Jamie nodded, to Ollow and helped him into the vent, before climbing into it himself. They made their way through the vent as Bill would here the faint words of Jamie saying, “at least Vicount dumbass didn’t see us that would not have ended well.”

Kensen RP

Lilith was spending her day at the library, as she often did. It was a dreary, rainy day, perfect for curling up with a good book and wiling away the hours. However, something didn’t feel right. There was a feeling of apprehension in the air around her. Unnerved, Lilith began to navigate out of the labyrinthine book cases, ready to check out some books.

Behind Lilith figures started to emerge with glowing red eyes, they followed behind her. They all had raging erections and torn clothing walking towards her, as Lilith got closer to the check out desk moans could be heard just out of sight.

Lilith glanced around, sweating nervously. Hands shaking, she set her books down on the check out desk. “Ex, excuse me? Mr. Peaks? May I please check these books out and leave?” Her whole body was beginning to shake. Her fight-or-flight response was screaming at her to run! But run from what, exactly?

“Run! Lilith Run!” Mr. Peaks came running out of the back room with two girls clinging to him ripping his cloths and finally bringing him down. They wasted no time mounting his cock and face, moaning as Mr. Peaks eyes turned red. One of the men following behind Lilith said, “Want to fuck?” There was a laugh behind him as they started to approach her.

Lilith gasped, looking around her. She dropped the books on the floor, stepping back and holding up her shaking hands. “P-please, don’t do this,” she whimpered, ears laying down flat on her head! “Please don’t do this to me!”

The first male a dingo laughed as he grabbed her shaking hand and propelled her into the small crowed. Hands quickly began tearing clothing off of her leaving her shirt in tatters as her pants were nothing more than shreds on ground one good rip and Lilith’s panties were gone her hands were pinned over her head as the three guys surrounded her.

Lilith blushed a hot pink, so hot it was plainly visible through her fur. “Please stop, please stop,” she begged, tears welling up in her eyes! “Don’t look at me! Please get your hands off of me! Please, I don’t want this!” She tried to get away, but her struggles did nothing more than make her breasts sway and booty bounce tantalizingly. There was no escape.

The cougar behind her slapped Lilith’s ass nice and hard speaking malevolently, “what a lovely piece tush you got there, hehehe…” While the dingo held her hands above her head, the cougar lifted Lilith up sliding his dick into Lilith’s ass. He sat on a nearby table bouncing her off his seven inch thick cock. The dingo and cheetah laughed the Dingo saying, “such lovely breasts you have!” Each of the two took a breast and began suckling. The cheetah began rubbing a finger against her slit as he suckled her.

The cougar behind her slapped Lilith’s ass nice and hard speaking malevolently, “what a lovely piece tush you got there, hehehe…” While the dingo held her hands above her head, the cougar lifted Lilith up sliding his dick into Lilith’s ass. He sat on a nearby table bouncing her off his seven inch thick cock. The dingo and cheetah laughed the Dingo saying, “such lovely breasts you have!” Each of the two took a breast and began suckling. The cheetah began rubbing a finger against her slit as he suckled her.
“No! Nooo!” Lilith whined and cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her gaze was out of focus, her eyes crossing a little bit every time the cougar thrusted deep into her pretty pink pucker. Her fat ass bounced around on his lap, her legs helplessly spread by the two men suckling her breasts! “Stop, p-please! Wh, why are you doing this to me? Please, stop sticking it in my butt! Please!”

“Hehehe but it feels so good girlie!” The cougar laughed as the cheetah got up on the table grabbed her hair and said, “You got an active mouth so why not put it to better use?” He then forced his cock into her mouth as the cougar came and got up to allow the Dingo to penetrate her both having let her hands go free. The dingo laughed as he said, “We’re all having fun! Look at your friend over there he seems to be having fun!”
As he said this Mr. Peaks had one of the two girls bent over the desk ravaging her as she ate out her friends. The Data scroll over the desk was giving a news statement about an unknown virus ravaging Anduruna. The news anchor was then tackled and fucked on air.

The more Lilith resisted the more it egged them on the cougar slapped her ass repeatedly as he said; “I’m in love with this assssss!” He came a second time as he continued for a third round. The dingo chuckled in agreement, “Her pussy is amazing it just keeps getting tighter and tighter!” He then let his load blow continuing again. The Cheetah purred as he blew another load and said, “Her mouth is great let’s switch.” With a nod they began to switch holes and continued to bang Lilith.

Lilith’s arms and legs were bent, their strength gone. No, no, no no no no no, she desperately screamed in her mind! Their cum is so thick and hot! They’re stirring up my insides! Her eyes spun around and around, turning redder and redder with every single thrust. If they make me cum, then my mind won’t be able to take it! Ahh! She looked down, and realized her hand was playing with her clit! No, no, I can’t control my hand! If they cum inside of me much more, then I won’t be able to stop myself from cumming! Her tears streamed, renewed. I’m a goner. I’m sorry, Namah. I won’t be able to be there for you anymore. I hope you’ll be okay. Still furiously fingering her clit, Lilith squeezed her eyes shut, laid back, and let all three men fuck her senseless.

The moment Lilith gave in brought satisfaction to the three as they all came at once filling her with their cum and pulling out leaving her on the floor. All three smiled as they looked over their handy work. Their attention changed as they saw a mouse girl still fully clothed holding a book, they asked if she wanted to fuck and gave chase after her. They left Lilith on the floor cum still dripping from her holes, and covered on her body the only decency left to her was the tattered shirt that barely covered her.

Lilith opened her eyes, and they were glowing completely blood red. “Oh gawd, feels so gooood,” she moaned, licking the cum off of her lips. “What am I going to do now those nice boys left me here, unsatisfied? I don’t wanna just jill myself until I cuuuuum!” She clapped! “Oh, I know!” Finding her bag, Lilith tugged out her data scroll. She opened it up and clumsily dialed a number.

“Hey Namah?”

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Namia7/29/16 8:17am
Anyone know if bowoodstock ever posted that story he was writing?

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Bowoodstock7/29/16 12:12pm
I didn't, but I should have it soon. Work went to hell on me so I didn't get the chance to complete it to my satisfaction.

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Prometheus7/31/16 1:44pm

I've been waiting so patiently for it. :3

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Digitigraderobo9/18/16 7:06pm
I just finished writing an 18+ fanfiction of VixBobby, may have some spelling issues and I honestly don't think it's that great.

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Prometheus9/18/16 10:41pm
Wow, that's pretty good. :///3 The kind of what-if fanfics that are so hot, you wish they could be drawn or commissioned. XD

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Digitigraderobo9/19/16 9:31am
Thanks! :D, glad you enjoyed it, was rather hard to come up with a 'when' and 'where' for these two to, uh... do things.

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Tango9/25/16 2:01pm

And you did a great job of it. There definitely aren't enough DK fanfics out there.

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Digitigraderobo9/25/16 4:27pm
Thank you, and I can agree, there definitely aren't :(.

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Hakuzo11/18/16 1:00pm
I need to write another one. Any more ideas are open. Doesn't matter on mf mm ff herm whatnot. Pass me an idea and I'll consider it. My writing time is clear atm.

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Bowoodstock5/31/17 10:21pm
Wow, okay, so, I'm sorry about the long wait. That took a few more months than I wanted it to. What I thought was going to be a few pages turned into 14, and it had to be JUST right before I could post it....but regardless, it's finished now.

So. For your consideration, and hopefully approval....

Loving Hands

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