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Dreamkeepers Forums - Infinity Ch.1 - Who is Who?

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Subscribe to this thread Infinity Ch.1 - Who is Who? created by AlphaMoron on December 9, 2015

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PowerButton12/15/15 4:59am
Nathan roamed the expanse of the harbor, the bows of great ships providing patches of shade along the dock. Most of the time his head was back as he traced the large masts to the heavens. He took in the sounds of seagulls and the gentle slapping of the waves. The many crews, whether housed on board their vessels or within boarding houses, would not wake for another few hours. The sun was just beginning to peek over the vast ocean, giving it an orange tint. The air remained cool, with every exhale Nathan was almost blinded by a cloud of mist.

It were these early walks that inspired his thoughts. They were thoughts of adventure, seeing more than just the city. They were thoughts of discovery and exploration. What he would give to sail over that horizon, to find himself on an undiscovered island or navigating through uncharted waters.

He halted, shoving his paws into his jeans and staring out between two ships. The rigging between them partial obstructed his view, but it could do nothing to completely hide the majesty of the ocean beyond. He starred out, imagining himself on one of these many massive vessels. He stood at the crows nest, no better, at the wheel. The sails caught the wind and pulled the wooden giant forward. The crew was busy below him, scurrying across the deck like little ants.

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AlphaMoron12/15/15 9:01pm
As Nathan wandered, pondering, he slowly traced over his same steps, but he started to notice more than just his own. Someone was following him.

Having to take a long walk back, and seeing no reason to leave yet, Nathan picked up his pace and prepared his camera to tack a quick pic of his trailee. If they wanted to mess with him, they were going to have to catch him. As soon as he rounded a corner of one of the docks, Nathan rushed down a ways and slid behind a plank, holding his camera up as a telescope. A shadow moved out from the corner a good minute later. As if walked toward his hiding spot, Nathan started imagining how he would fight the perpetrator. Would he run; hide? Was he capable of fighting Anybody?
Zack couldn't contain himself. The little rat had gone and skipped out, leaving him no money, no friends, and a long time in detention. His parents weren't going to find out and best way was here, on a walk. He felt like he could strangle someone, but somewhere in him he knew he just needed a breather.

The sky was beautiful at this hour, and it reminded him of all the light things in life.

A small scurry caught his attention and, in confusion, he looked on to see another silliouete follow behind only a couple of paces.

"Not this again" he groaned. "If I have to help someone again and get MY butt beaten because of it, so help me!"

Zack started walking in sync with the silliouete and noticed a certain defining detail. "That winged dog!" Zack couldn't believe the one possible bully in all of Anduruna that had not been told off by him was sitting like a duck waiting to be caught in the act. "If Ryedar knows anything I'll get him to leave as soon as he sees me..."


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AlphaMoron12/15/15 9:06pm
NPC- Ryedar (Ray-dar)

Tall winged character with a mean look and a meaner hit. No one has ever told him no and no one will. Carries a small knife that hasn't seen daylight since before he moved.

<this NPC is legit here for a sec, so don't expect a novel>

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TheDeadlyFB12/19/15 12:15pm
Zack stopped for a moment to consider his options. On one hand, he could simply let Ryedar walk away, and let him mind his own business. While this was the easiest solution, he just couldn't let him walk away like that, not again. He decided to simply wait in hiding to see what Ryedar was up to, which knowing him, was probably something bad.

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AlphaMoron12/21/15 6:31am
As Ryedar approached the pillar, he smiled and let out a snarl. "Where are you, boy? I have something to tell ya!"

Zack shivered behind the pillar. He had to run! He couldn't just wait there, right?
Something wasn't right. Zack knew Ryedar was up to no good, but without any help, this could be an ugly fight.
Should he help? Should he just wait it out; see where to step in, if it isn't too late?


Choices: (in order)
Nathan- run; keep hiding.
Zack- interject; watch.

Dice: (depends on decision)
Ryedar finds Nathan.
Ryedar hurts Zack.
Zack hurts Ryedar.
Nathan runs away successfully.

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PowerButton12/23/15 11:44pm
The devilish snarls of the figure only strengthened Nathan's decision. He dug in, sliding lower behind the planks and holding his camera at his chest. He also pondered his followers words, why would a stranger have something to tell him? Why couldn't said stranger flat out approach him, why did he have him backed into an alley? Spirits the day had started out so peacefully, what a left turn.

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TheDeadlyFB12/24/15 10:55pm
This was bad. It didn't matter who Ryedar was looking for, it was obvious he had bad intentions. Zack was unsure what to do. He couldn't just stay put and see how everything played out, he had to do something. But could he really take Ryedar on his own? Zack wasn't a pushover, but neither was Ryedar. If he tried to beat him, who knew what could happen.

In the end though, Zack decided he couldn't just let Ryedar get away again. He took a deep breath, and jumped out of hiding. "Quick, say something cool!" he thought to himself. Unable to come up with anything clever, he simply said the first thingnthat came to his mind.
"Stop, you winged freak!" He proclaimed as he charged against Ryedar, hoping for the best.

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AlphaMoron12/26/15 12:22am
Ryedar gasped a slight bit in shock, but recovered and spun toward Zack. "Why, you- if I had a right mind, you would be dead already!" Ryedar pulled something shiny from his side. Either it was something deadly or something painfully deadly, and Zack wanted no part of it. [danger of shiny on dice roll]
Now seemed like his last chance. What was he to do? Well...
Zack could either hit him, or kick some sand his way (or at least his eyes' way).


Nathan had a hard time thinking. Did someone really just intervene? Was he meant to help his savior?
No, this wasn't his fight. Now was as perfect time as ever to make a break for it. There was a perfect straight away to the next dock and to the road leading toward his house. Now or never. Should Nathan stay and help, or run home and call for help?
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PowerButton12/26/15 8:45pm
Nathan began to move from his hiding spot when something shiny caught his eye. The object appeared to be a broken piece of glass, grasped tightly in his winged follower's hand! It moved to scathe his savior as he bravely swooped in to the rescue. This may have not been Nathan's fight, but turning tail was now out of the question. He mustered up his courage, every ounce of it. Without thinking he raised his camera, the only thing he had. He stood and pointed it towards the winged dream keeper. He flicked up a small switch along the side with a distinct click. The attacker noticed and turned to face him, wearing a confused look.
"Cheese!" Nathan exclaimed.
A bright flash erupted from the camera, blinding the winged creature and causing him to stumble back a ways. He rubbed his eyes furiously as he slashed at the air with his shard.
"My eyes! You little fucking PRICK!" he snarled.

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AlphaMoron2/22/16 10:28pm
This is so fun everyone, and I truly apologize, but this is on hiatus now due to my life being life and some recent things that have happened. I hope you can understand, and if you wish to adopt this idea for the time being, email me for the plot details and such. I wish I had more time and energy to put towards this right now, but I just simply can't. Greatest apologies, and huge thanks for participating in the beginning and being the cool people you are!

Email: dinotron2000 at gmail dot com

Lucky dice roll for rating out of 12- how good was this story idea. Lol
Thanks guys. Hopefully this can continue later, or sooner if it is adopted temporarily. Thanks!!!!!!
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