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Subscribe to this thread Hiya! created by CyberBobcat on January 14, 2016

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CyberBobcat1/14/16 3:27am
Hey guys! I've been reading Dreamkeepers for a little bit and some of you may know me from Deviantart! Decided to officially join in on the forum here and am excited to see how it goes!

I'm an artist ( and every now and then I'll make some Dreamkeepers fanart; always happy to draw things! Hope I have an enjoyable stay here! :D

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RemarkablyAverage1/15/16 2:21pm
Welcome to the forums!
It's always good to see more people in the community, and another artist is always welcome.
(I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with as well)

Anyway, I hope you have fun while you're here!

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Kirito1/15/16 8:00pm

Hey there! My name's Kirito, but everyone calls me Kit. I help moderate the DK Telegram chat and subreddit!

We have an absolutely AMAZING community here and it truly is a privilege to talk to each and every one of them.

You'll see me hanging around the DK Lounge and Reality sections quite often, especially the discussion and art threads! Feel free to PM me with questions or just idle chit-chat, and above all else:

Have fun!

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ZycantAlpha1/16/16 8:10pm
Welcome to the group, CyberBobcat!

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lunarcresslove1/25/16 7:39pm
Hi everyone. I'm cress. I can't believe that i'm barley signing up for this. I should have done this sooner. :) Anyway does anyone know more about the factions contest. I would love to join Troika Fraction!!!

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Hakuzo2/1/16 2:56pm
Welcome. Things have been going meh for me lately so I'm not here as much.

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Ferrous2/3/16 3:13pm
Ahoy thar!

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MobileCrusader4/26/16 2:41pm

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Filzar4/27/16 1:34am
Welcome !

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