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Subscribe to this thread Naresh *Spoiler* created by Kymastrider on January 24, 2016

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Kymastrider1/24/16 9:28am
I think it's no secret that weve first seen him as a skunk Orphan in this page.

But then for those who have read Volume-4 we know that he appears as an adult who's running to be the next Viscount, it's very shortly revealed that he is actually Nabonidus in the form of a Dreamkeeper.

So this form Naresh the skunk looking Dreamkeeper is obviously an alter ego he created to allow him to move freely among them, and we can now confirm he was at the orphanage that night.

This is a scary thought cause if he did succeed in his campaign to be elected as the next Viscount that would himself (Nabonidus) complete and almost unlimited control over Andaruna and most (if not all) of its Major functions.

I think it's no secret at this point that Nabonidus is not a nightmare (which makes sense considering he doesn't look grotesque and horrifying like the nightmares) though he was responsible for bringing the nightmare's into the dreamworld. I really have to wonder, is he a Spirit or some sort of ancient god?

Just what is his grand plan in all this I wonder?

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Javelin1/25/16 7:57am
Well I'm sure not going to add anything to this question because my answer would be too harmful but the other monsters and void want to destroy all the dream keepers while nabonidus wants control over every dream keeper and turn them into dark dream keepers or just to treat them like cattle, sterilize and feed them poison stuff to dumb the IQ cap for effective control, media, the sheeple won't listen to those who are telling them these conspiracies and all sain dream keepers may want to seek a place of refuge elsewhere

You think wisp will have a change of heart since this one art drawing had this kid with a toy statue and he's holding it up to wisp and she seemed pretty happy in the forest

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TheAwesomeAutist3/14/16 2:44pm
Dangit, I completely forgot he was even a thing.

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Prometheus7/18/16 11:53am
I'm pretty sure Dave was lying to us when he said a lot of characters' names were chosen at random.

Naresh is a Hindu name that stands for "King of Kings".

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Kymastrider7/19/16 9:28pm
actually I have a reevaluated theory on what Nabonidus is.

1st when we first read volume one we learn that a nightmare called Arazu was in charge but scuttler mentioned he disappeared and they were lead by Nabonidus, but void says impossible.

2nd and if you remember in the beginning of vol-4 daves prologue mentioned how imortality could twist and corrupt someone, and what if the prisoner were to outlast his prison.

3rd we learn that that palace burried deep in the earth was Nabonidus's prison.

4th that ancient text makes mention of Nabonidus back in history from before the silent centurys.

So heres the thing what if Nabonidus was originally a Dreamkeeper from thousands of years in the past. In his mortal lifetime he could have been some sort of high priest or conjuror based on what there beliefs or practices were back then. Perhaps that skunk form we see in as was his original dreamkeeper form.

But it mentions that Arazu called out to Nabonidus from beyond the void and proceeded to bringing them into this world with promises of great power. However by performing his dark ritual and allowing the nightmares to flood into the dreamworld he brought forth the beginning of there worlds end.

it also mentions that Nabonidus took Arazu into himself, so is it possible that was somehow linked to his power. That he used his power to combine himself with Arazu turning him into some sort of dreamkeeper nightmare monstrosity?

That may also explain why Void sounded surprised to hear Nabonidus was leading them, he probably remembered him as the Dreamkeeper that helped bring them into this world but since he was a dreamkeeper figured there's no way he could still be alive after so many lifetimes.

I suppose another thing to speculate is who the real bad guy is. If void wins there's no way he'll let a single dreamkeeper be left alive, but why does he want them all dead if not to just get to the humans there unaware there protecting in there sleep?

Also what is Nabonidus's end goal in all this?

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BloodyGoldKnight7/20/16 3:21am
I think he wants it to go back to the days when he was ruling over everything with an iron fist. He's not interested in the destruction of all things that are not him like Void is as far as we've seen if his previous time ruling and his use of dreamkeepers as covert operatives is any indication.

How he intends to go about this is still a mystery as he's clearly waiting for something to happen especially since it would seem as though the past few years would have been an easy time to strike.

Either way with Void back he's running on borrowed time since he only barely survived his last confrontation with a weakened Void so he'll to act quick.

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Prometheus7/20/16 9:48pm
Nabonidus may have been an alchemist, using his Powers and ancient science to create majical spells and summonings. He may have had a plan from the start to grant Arazu's wishes, then wait for the right moment to use his Powers to infuse Arazu into his being, thus making him the first and only Dreamkeeper-Nightmare hybrid. With his newfound power and immortality, he would then go on to rule Anduruna, enslaving the dreamkeepers and domesticating the Nightmares.

Of course, Void had no clue what was happening since he took off beforehand to conquer other dimensions by himself, then went to sleep shortly after. That's why he was shocked to hear Nabonidus was still alive when he woke up. He didn't know that Nabonidus fused with Arazu and gained true immortality.

From what I can tell of his plans now, the Nab wants Mace REALLY badly. It also looks like he intended to use Jeneviv and Kalei for a similar ritual of containing the Spirits of Order into a pair of twins, which is what was done to lower the seal between worlds. Kalei's flair of energy suggests this. Also the fact that the Scuttler must have been aware of the ritual to an extent since he snatched Jeneviv and used her to summon Void, spoiling that plan.

As for Mace, the Nab is either going to suck the power out of him or convert him to evil and use Mace as his trump card. It's gotta be one of those two reasons as to why Nabonidus wants him.

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