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Dreamkeepers Forums - Welp, I'm here. There goes the neighborhood.

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Subscribe to this thread Welp, I'm here. There goes the neighborhood. created by Ferrous on January 25, 2016

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Ferrous1/25/16 11:03pm
Hey folks, long time reader, just decided go get my feet into the forums. Howdy!

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ZycantAlpha1/26/16 9:32am
Welcome to the group, Ferrous!

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RashallVetkay1/26/16 8:37pm
Hello and welcome to the Forums!

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Kirito1/27/16 6:39pm
Hey Ferrous! We've met on the telegram chat, but have an official introduction anyway.

My name's Kirito, but everyone calls me Kit. I'm a moderator for the Telegram chat and /r/dreamkeepers over on reddit. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me!

And above all else;

Have fun!

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Ferrous1/27/16 10:02pm
I do what I can! Thanks for having me here.

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Prometheus1/28/16 10:35am
Heyo, Ferrous. :D Just like Kit, we met on Telegram. XP Glad to see you here, as well.

Please be sure to review our various rules in the following links:

With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy yourself here in the DK forums. This place can get quiet at times, but a comment can always change that. ;P

Have fun! ^^

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Ferrous1/30/16 1:28pm
Glad to be here, and thanks!

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Hakuzo2/1/16 3:10pm
Welcome to the land of dreams.

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TeamDK2/3/16 7:06pm
Hi there, Ferrous! Thank you for joining.

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TalkedSpy2/9/16 7:21pm

*cough* That is what she said. *cough*

....Yeah, welcome to the forums Ferro. Here's a potato. :3

*gives potato*

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Ferrous2/11/16 3:36pm
Hurrah! Just what I always wanted.

All my life, I've wanted just a small potato out in the country.

Now, I just have to get it there!

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MobileCrusader4/26/16 2:42pm

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