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Subscribe to this thread Star Citizen DK Group created by DragonLost on February 19, 2016

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DragonLost2/19/16 12:40pm
So for those of you who are playing star citizen or are interested in a space sim MMO(there is also a single player game), I've created a DK group in Star citizen,

This youtuber has alot of great videos featuring all things Star Citizen so take a look and keep in mind its still in alpha

If its a game you think you would like to play with other fans of DreamKeepers, you can sign up with my referral code for some extra in game money(5,000 UEC) STAR-PW4G-YXNF, but you don't need the code to sign up or get the game.

so lets discuss what we should do in the star citizen universe!
there are three pages the public can see that we should fill out, History, Manifesto, and Charter. also some icons and better art to fill the page would be great.

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