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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper crossovers created by AFox on March 6, 2016

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AFox6/16/16 11:58am
*stretches and yawns* Man I've been gone from here for a while.


A Hellrisers (dammit, what was the name of that series?) crossover? Okay I didn't see that one coming.
Also, it's just occurred to me that pretty much every Dreamkeepers crossover idea seems to involve interdimensional travel...which made me wonder though, could a crossover with Bone be conceived of but still take place within the Dreamworld?

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PrototypeBast6/17/16 4:19pm
I don't know for sure, that line has been in my head for awhile because Whip dose like to think with his stomach and Spirits knows there are so many strange ancient sites all around the dreamworld, it just seems so plausible.

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PrototypeBast8/12/16 4:01pm
Okay revisiting my Vi as an assassin idea,I was told it wouldn't work because Vi is not stealthy well I found an assassin style just for her (Pause for effect) Evie Frye's style form the Assassin's Creed Syndicate "Jack the Ripper" DLC.
It basically involves a lot of beating people up.

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PrototypeBast5/20/17 1:23pm
One more for the road as they say, this time it's Red vs Blue and Dreamkeepers that's bouncing around my head this time.
If any one with spare time and Artistic talent can do this I would be very greatfull,okay here it goes, The idea is a short comic called "Troika Training" and is based on the RvB episode "This one goes to eleven.", we have Bobby as red,Damon as maroon, Woods as orange,Karo as aqua, Bill as blue and Vi as Black, not surprising enough it's a team deathmatch battle team1:Vi team2:Everybody else,now said artist can make up what ever dialog they want but there are only three things I would definitely like to see in this Short comic
One:Woods gets seven groin hits just like Grif
Two:Bill gets taken out last
Three:SUPPRISE! it's all VR.

If I see this some where it will just make my day.

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